Monday, May 13, 2013

All About Me

This weekend was all about me and I loved it.  

Best Mother's Day ever!  

On Saturday I got in a little shopping therapy and bought myself a few things to wear to the Mother's Day Eve party we attended.  

I slept in past 8am and took naps on both Saturday and Sunday.

We went to a lovely Sunday brunch at Burwell's where I tore up inhaled ate this delicious brie and caramelized onion cheeseburger and parmesan fries.  

No dishes all weekend was a mama's dream come true.  

Thanks for being on dish duty Mr. BMJ!

Gorgeous flowers were delivered from my thoughtful husband.

A nice relaxing weekend spent with my sweet family was the best present of all.  

I'm so lucky to be this little munchkin's mama.  She is my sugar plum fairy, bunny, love bug, princess, cutie pie, angel baby.  

Though I lose my patience, get angry, and dream of kid-free moments, I treasure every second I have with my darling Baby Girl.  

I hope all the mamas out there had an equally wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

Especially one loving, doting, wonderful mom out there.  Mine.

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I ordered from 3 different stores on-line and now I have 3 different returns to make.  That's why I HATE to shop on-line.  It's such a pain to print out the labels, take it to the post office, make sure you get refunded, etc.  I'd much rather just shop in person and make sure I like it and it fits.  I learned my lesson...for now.


  1. adore the outfit.


  2. Ahhh I love all the photos!! I need to get my butt to Burwell's!

  3. Glad you had an amazing weekend. Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Your Mothers Day looks perfect! So glad the mister did it up right for you! You make me laugh, I love online shopping sometimes sales people annoy me!

  5. looks like a well deserved mother's day!! We need to spoil ourselves more often!! Love the outfit

  6. Love your cute blog & cute family! Newest follower!


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