Thursday, May 23, 2013


Thanks for waiting the hour that it now takes to open up my blog.  What the heck?  Does anyone have any pointers on how to help it out?  It's super slow now that Ad Sense is uploaded....
Update - After stressing and messing with this blog for hours, I figured out that it was Google Friend Connect that was sending it into hysterics!  I removed it and Ta Da!!!

In other news, it was Baby Girl's last day of preschool this morning.  She's getting too big.  Where did my baby go?  Sigh.

I made these teacher gifts for the class.  Thanks for the idea Pinterest (...again)!

Transporting them around all morning until the class party was quite a challenge.  It sounded like things were shattering in the back of my car.  Nothing broke (thank goodness) but there was enough spilled potting soil to plant a small garden.

During our last trip to Vegas, Mr. BMJ and I scored a free poster from Ted Baker.  I finally had it framed.  It's super cool and makes me smile every morning in our kitchen.

p.s.  I drink hot green tea every morning so it's so fitting.  That's a teapot and teacups floating in her curly locks.  I'm glad I took this picture because it's obviously crooked and needs to be straightened!

Speaking of hot tea.... The wonderful folks at Keurig sent me a new brewing machine and sample packs of Brew Over Ice K-Cups for being an Ambassador at Bloggy Boot Camp!
c/o Keurig

Their new Brew Over Ice line is just in time for hot summer days!  These are my favorites:

If you like sweeter bevies, you would probably love these:

Keurig Brew Over Ice
I'm replacing my Breville Brewing System with my new Keurig.  It's so much quieter! I haven't owned a standard coffee pot in over 4 years and NEVER plan on reverting back!  Keurig is so 2013.  

*Though I received their products for free, all opinions are my own!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because my eyes are still puffy from crying through last night's "Nashville" season finale.  I mean seriously ABC.  To put so many cliffhangers in one episode is cruel and unusual punishment.  If Rayna leaves the show, I'm boycotting.  


  1. Love your teacher gifts! Love the Keurig! Love your blog posts!

  2. Your teacher gifts are so cute and so is Ivey!!! Love my Kuerig, it changed my life. Buy the Tazzo teas for it they are the best and so awesome you got it for free!! Ok I missed Nashville and I'm dying to watch it, heard it was amaze with a cliffhanger!! Xoxo

  3. Great teacher gifts. I don't have a Keurig but am burious.

  4. I love everything about this post I don't know where to start! Your daughter has gotten so big in just a school year

  5. I have some serious love for my Keurig. Love, love the poster you scored and the teacher gifts. Glad you got your blog fixed.


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