Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wedding Shoe Coordinator

Let's talk SHOES!

If you know me at all, you know that I have a slight obsession with shoes.  
I particularly love sky high fancy heels!  Hello Christian Louboutin!

My friend, Christina, is going to be a blushing bride in November and asked me to assist her with finding wedding shoes.  
I'm her official Wedding Shoe Coordinator (I totally made up that title).
Fun and easy job, right?  Fun, yes! Easy, nope....

I didn't realize it was going to be this difficult when she asked me. 
Her list of requirements are a bit limiting. 
She and her prince charming are getting married out in the boonies.
He owns a piece of property where he does "guy stuff" like hunts, fishes, rides 4-wheelers, smokes cigars, talks football, and drinks booze (at least that's what I think "guy stuff" involves).
They're converting said property into a magical wedding oasis.
I know, I can't wait to see it either!

These are her shoe requirements:
Size 10
Wedge or flat heel (she doesn't want to sink in the mud)
No more than 2 1/2" high (she doesn't want to add material to the length of her dress)
Not too expensive (they will get ruined)
Bling (she has some gorge bling on her sash)

This is what I found:
Practical flat with jeweled bow
Dance the night away sista!
$84.95 - who cares if they get ruined
3" heel - These are my favorite so I broke the height rule....
Look at that bling!
Also comes in silver
Also comes in silver
Will be super comfy and so feminine looking!
2 3/4" wedge
Practical, pretty, and meets the requirements
2 1/4" heel
Gorgeous beadwork that coordinates with sash
2.5" heel

Also comes in a gorgeous cobalt blue for her "something blue"
Total glamour
Cork peep toe metallic wedge
2 1/2"
Ties in the "nature" theme
She can always add fancy shoe clips to dress them up!
Orange patent wedges
Fall wedding color pop!
1 1/2"
My suggestion is that she order her top 3 choices, try them all on with the dress, and keep the perfect pair!
What do you think?  
Enough about the bride, what am I going to wear?!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because we were homebound yesterday due to the pressure washing crew staying for almost 5 hrs and coming to the door every 15 minutes with questions.  Seriously?  Also, we're not closing on the rental house tonight and there's no new closing date in sight.  Such a bummer.  :(  


  1. Those Kate Spades!!

    No closing :-( Booo!!!

  2. Great options! I like choice #2. I agree with choosing the top 3.

  3. Oh my gosh, I saw "Christina" and "bride" in the same sentence and was like "Wait, what??" Ha, not YET! I love love love the first pair. Those cork wedges are so cute too.

  4. Have you heard of Solemates? They're little places pieces you can put on heels so they won't sink into the grass, mud, sand, etc. My sister used them for an outdoor wedding she was in last yr. They totally save your shoes. Then she could have those gorgeous Kate Spades

  5. I had both heels and flats for my wedding and was so glad I had both!! I really think if I was a bride today I would go with blue shoes for my something blue plus I could possibly wear them again, I have never worn either pair of shoes again that I had at my wedding


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