Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Feed Me

Let's talk about one of my favorite subjects in the whole world today....


I received a few food-related questions from "Ask Me Anything."

Let's dig right in.  (ha...pun intended)

1.  Christina wrote "What is your favorite food? Cuisine? What foods do you hate?"

You would think this would be a simple, short answer.  Nope.  Not in my world.  I have about 50 favorite foods.  I'll spare you and just name a few.  I love anything Mexican.  I crave it multiple times per week.  I love French food.  I died and went to food heaven in Paris.  I love seafood, especially lobster.  I love to go to restaurants and share appetizers as my meal.  I have trouble committing to just one dish when there's so much to choose from.  I'm also perfectly content to have a cheese plate, pate, and bread for dinner.  Every night.  French fries are a ginormous, addictive, problematic, obsession.

I have always and will always LOATHE Kraft macaroni and cheese and anything made by Chef Boyardee.  It's not real food.  Gag me with a pitch fork.  I hate anything that resembles the flavor of black licorice...star anise, tarragon, fennel.  I can't even stand the smell of it.  Pukatude. 

2.  Melissa asked "What is your favorite restaurant in Charleston?"

Oh Melissa, what a difficult question to answer.  There are soooooo many amazing Charleston restaurants.  I can't possibly name just one, so I'm going to name a bazillion and categorize them.  Okey dokey?  

If I'm jonesing for seafood, I love The Ordinary.  It's a new restaurant downtown Charleston with a hip scene and an amazing menu.  I like to order a ton of things and share them.   They have a pretty kick-arse wine list too.

For good old fashioned, fattening Mexican I love the tacos, cowboy nachos, and cadillac margaritas at Taco Boy.  Red Drum has delicious Tex Mex.  I get the Emelie's chicken.  Yum.

For a fancy date night with Mr. BMJ, I love the Charleston Grill (inside Charleston Place Hotel).  They get it right every time.  It's just so fancy and amazing.  Plan to gain at least 15 lbs during dinner.

If I have a hankering for steak, we go to Hall's Chophouse and order a steak, mac and cheese, and broccolini.

My favorite fancy lunch spot is The Palmetto Cafe (also inside Charleston Place Hotel).  I dream about the Seafood Club sandwich and rose champagne.

For casual burgers, fries, and an extra helping of grease, I love Poe's and Sesame.   The pimiento cheese burger at Poe's is out of this world.  Sesame has a bazillion choices for toppings and offers gluten free buns. 

My all-time favorite fast food joint is Chick-fil-A.  I love the spicy chicken sandwich combo with pepper jack cheese and an unsweet tea.  This may or may not be a weekly meal for me.

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  1.  Because Baby Girl survived, and somewhat enjoyed, her camp yesterday.  Thankfully, there were no tears at drop-off.  I feel about 30% less guilty.  2.  Because I received so many sweet comments from y'all yesterday and it really meant a ton.  I wasn't fishing for compliments or praise, but it sure was to receive.  3.  I read a Bachelorette spoiler on Twitter last night during the show while I was watching the scuz-bucket Ben get kicked off.  If you want to know who wins, I can ruin it for you too.  Just let me know.  


  1. I have trouble committing to food (and men), so I love tapas style restaurants where everyone can share. Curate in Asheville is fantastic if you're ever up there. Which French restaurants around here do you recommend? That's a cuisine I need to explore more. I went to Rue last weekend and devoured some pistou mussels. Confession: I was a Spanish major in college so I worked at a Mexi restaurant one summer. Ohhh how interesting that was. I got chub. The huevos rancheros at Red Drum are soooooo good. Love that place too and they have great wine!

  2. What a great food post!!! You hit every single great place in Charleston!! I cannot even think of one place I would add! Now I am starving for Palmetto Cafe! Charleston Grill is heaven too! Let me stop typing now bc my poor husband is going to get the begging for a date-night this weekend! Ha! Xo

  3. Ps. The only restaurant you mentioned I have not tried is The Ordinary! Must try ASAP!

  4. So I keep telling my Hubby that we should relocate to Charleston and this post just reinforces that belief!!!

  5. OK, now I am starving! Wish I lived closer to Charleston to share some tapas with you and a bottle of wine, of course.

  6. Loved this post! Have you been to the Macintosh? Its my fav! I too love Mexican Food like could eat it everyday, for reals.

  7. I love Poe's... oh my gosh. It's one of my favorites. And, I could Mexican food probably 4 times a week.



  8. First of all I LOVE all the food you mentioned up top- I could eat a cheese plate every night for dinner if it was allowed! Chick fila is hands down the best fast food- I also feel like its the "healthy" fast food!


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