Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Funnies - Funny Blogs Edition

Who doesn't love to laugh?
Laughing is contagious, therapeutic, good for the soul, and burns calories.  
Blogs that make me laugh are my favorite.
Here are a few that make me laugh often and hard!

I'm new to When Crazy Meets Exhaustion.  I could spend hours perusing her blog and giggling.  One of my favorite posts is her reply to an article that really ticked her off.  She's an excellent writer and dishes about the realities of parenting.  

Suri's Burn Book is always a laugh riot.  She dishes about celebrity shenanigans and gossip through "Suri's" point-of-view.  Brilliant.  
-Suri's Burn Book-

Dear Miley, is a hysterical letter to Miley Cyrus from Whitney's blog I Wore Yoga Pants to Work.

Loripalooza is all kinds of crazy.  The good, funny kind of crazy.  Lori creates her own someecards and takes "Awkward Smoking Pictures."  Girlfriend is just as funny in real life when we met at the blog conference last month.   I would pay her to be my bestie if she lived in Charleston.
-Loripalooza blog-
-Loripalooza blog-

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Well, yesterday was too yucky and rainy to do anything so Baby Girl and I decided to stay in our jammies and snuggle (which means watch cartoons and have limited physical activity).  She was demanding all sorts of things as I was preparing our lunch when I caught a whiff of something poopy.  I asked her if she made another poop (nope, still not potty trained) and she said no.  That's when it happened....  I felt a squash under my slipper (thank God I was wearing slippers).  I stepped on a Goobie turd.  (Goobie is our octogenarian, senile, grumpy, incontinent cat.)  Yep.  All sorts of lovely happening at my house.  That's real life folks.  No glamour around these parts! Have a great weekend!  Talk at ya on Monday!


  1. So gross you stepped in poop- ewww!!! This weather blows. I love Suris burn book, have not checked out the others but I definitely will!!

  2. Okay off to check out these funny blog, I love to laugh! Gross for stepping in shit, cant promise that want happen at chuckee cheese today haha!

  3. New blogs to read!! Thank you!!! Poopie cat-dead cat. Just kidding!!!

  4. I loooooove Suri's burn book. My cat does commentaries very similar to Suri (in my head). I think he should have his own blog. Hahaha.

  5. Oh thank God you were wearing slippers...This weather seriously, it blows down trees. Gross!


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