Wednesday, June 19, 2013

In The Nude

Call it what you like:

Nude, People Color, Buff, Flesh, Caramel, Beige....

It's the perfect warm weather color, though you can wear it year round.

It goes with EVERYTHING.

It's a fashion necessity.

I spaved (spent a bunch to save a little) and bought these two nude pairs of flip flops.  My other flops are so jealous because my new TKees are getting all the love and attention:

TKEES Foundations from Shopbop

TKEES Pop Colors from Shopbop
These Kate Spade heels are the bomb diggity.  I bought them last Fall, they had a freak defective color issue, and wait for it....  Kate Spade, herself, sent me a fresh pair.  During a fashion event in NYC last week, the owner of Shoes On King told her about the defect and that he was having trouble getting me a replacement.  She immediately looked at her assistant and said "Get that girl her shoes."  OMG.  She must have heard that I'm besties with Hoda, or something.  I may never take these shoes off as long as I live.  Thank you Kate!  Call me and we'll do lunch!   I'll come to you!
This wallet is my all-time favorite.  It goes with every single pocket book I own.  It also functions, in a pinch, as a cute clutch for quick errands.  
Kate Spade wallet -original sold out - similar wallet here

These nudes are on my Wish List:

These wedges would be perfect with any summer outfit.  The gold embellishments make them look expensive!
DV by Dolce Vita from Piperlime

How about some nude sunnies?  A girl can never have too many pairs of sunglasses, right?

Michael Kors from ASOS

Valentino from Nordstrom

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because we played hooky from Kindermusik camp this morning, stayed in our pajamas, and snuggled.  I told her we needed to get ready for camp after breakfast and she said "Kindermusik camp again? I want to stay home."  I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's boring and babyish....


  1. Love all of the shoes! Kate Spade is worth every penny - and it doesn't hurt she loves her fans.

  2. I love Kate Spade. Kate always knows best :)


  3. Ahhh those DV wedges...I just sighed. Such beauties. I have a pair of hot pink & nude flip flops just like those. I'm a sucker for neutrals with a pop of neon.

  4. I miss my Kate Spade wallet and bag from college!! You have a great point about the nude wallet! DOES go with ALL bags! I need those flip-flops STAT!

  5. I NEED that wallet. and OMG, I JUST bought those MK sunglasses yesterday (Birthday gift card.) It was soo so hard to go in the MK store and NOT buy a purse, but I have now seen my sunglasses on BMJ and that serves as all of the justification I need. I. Am. Fabulous!!! Thanks girl!!

  6. see what happens when you star in TV shows, Kate herself sends you shoes!!

  7. Love the header!! Also tkees are the best, I need another pair stat. I also need those nude pumps they would go with everything!!

  8. Are the tkees comfortable? I've been hearing so much about them and I love the look of the nude ones

  9. Just wanted to let you know that I selected you and your blog to receive two blogging awards. Check out my post for details.

    By the way, the new design.

  10. I just love nude heels! I know it is all in my head but I think they make my legs look thinner;)

  11. Kate Spade made my wedding shoes. Yup. And my going out shoes. And my flip flops. And my purse. Ok. She makes a lot of my stuff- just for me, as far as I'm concerned.


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