Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's A Boy!

Hey there friendlies!  I'm on my soap box today.  It's going to get a little serious up in here.  You've been warned....

First of all, I need to congratulate the Royal Family on their new precious addition.  Welcome to the world HRH George Alexander Louis Cambridge.  I'm sure Kate is reading this right now.  After all, I'm completely enamored with all things British, I'm addicted to Downton Abbey, and I stalk Aspiring Kennedy on every mode of social media possible.  

Anywho, let's get back on that soapbox, shall we?

I heard something the other day that has me baffled.  There are people out there who are angry that the newest heir to the throne was labeled a boy.  They think he should be able to choose  his gender when he comes of age.  They believe gender is decided by nurture rather than nature.  

Say What?!?!?!

This is what I believe:

You can choose pretty much everything in life, but your gender is decided at the moment of fertilization.  You're either a female with XX chromosomes or a male with XY chromosomes.  Those chromosomes make you develop girl parts or boy parts.  It's that simple.  

If said girl with XX chromosomes or boy with XY chromosomes decides he or she would like to change their gender, they can have an operation that will change the physical appearance of their body, but those chromosomes are still there.  Chaz Bono was born a female, underwent a sex change to look more like a male, but will biologically always be a female.  Sorry Chaz.  It's just the way it works.

This is just touching the surface.  We haven't even discussed the religious side of the whole argument.  I believe that God assigns your gender.  So ultimately, if anyone has a choice it's God, not us.

This is what they believe:

Gender is about a child's environment rather than biology.  They believe if you put a child in a pink room and teach him or her to play with dolls, she will identify with being a girl.  If you put a child in a blue room and teach him or her to play with trucks, he will identify with being a boy.  A child develops awareness of his or her gender around 2 or 3.   We should allow the child decide what he or she identifies with rather than assigning a particular gender.  We shouldn't force pink or blue on him or her. We should dress the child in gender neutral clothes, give both dolls and trucks, and assign a gender neutral name.  The child should not be swayed either way and will choose on his or her own. 

No more boy or girl showers with adorable pink or blue baby gifts.  No more George or Kate.  No more ruffles or john johns.
What are your thoughts on the issue?  Do you think it's as ludacris as I do?

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  I drove all the way downtown, horribly parallel parked my car, and walked a country mile to Pottery Barn to buy the pillows they designed especially for me.  Guess what?  The Charleston store doesn't carry those pillows.  Ugh.  I ordered them and am patiently waiting for the backordered date to arrive.  I did, however, get two new fabulous pairs of shoes at Shoes on King.  They're having a 50% off sale and I got them both for a STEAL!  If you live in the area, get there ASAP and get a great deal!


  1. Let the baby decide what gender he/she wants to be?! Are you kidding me?? That is the craziest thing I've heard in along time. If he has a penis I'm pretty sure it means he's a boy. End of story. Wow. Anyways, love the Sam Edelman shoes!! Going downtown tomorrow and will have to make a stop at Shoes on King!

  2. Since I'm marrying a scientist, I completely understand the chromosome thing. That being said, I've personally met someone who was "transgendered" and, while I don't pretend to be an expert on it, I believe it isn't something they "chose." I believe that there are a LOT of things that we just don't know about science and that God has not revealed to us -- who is to say that "wires can't get crossed" in the brain and that someone's body can be one gender but their mind another? Just because I've never experienced it, doesn't mean it can't happen.

    That being said -- it is ludicrous (from my point of view) to raise a child "unisex" out of fear of "labeling" it one way or the other. Picking a neutral name, never using pronouns, trying to never let the world associate it with boy or girl things... some of that stuff is just crazy! Love and embrace your child for who they are when they are born -- and whoever they grow up to be! (Unless they grow up to be Jeffery Dahmer or something...then you get a pass).

    Launching 8.1.13

  3. Woahhhhhhhh, I have not heard that. Let the baby choose? The baby has a penis right? Okay. Boy it is. Interesting. And what does "when he comes of age" mean? Like how old? Because let's face it, a 4 year old boy is probably gonna choose girl based on all the awesome toys and dresses there are for girls. Just saying.

    Love the shoes on the left! Is that a mint color? My faveeee

  4. Yikes, have to agree with you 100% on this topic. There seem to be a lot of articles written lately about new-age parenting and letting the kid choose their gender. I think the funniest reponse was a dad who said, "Half the time my kid thinks he's a train. So if he likes pink for a few weeks, should I let him be a girl?". Ridiculous people are out there. It makes you feel sorry, and confused, for the children involved.


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