Thursday, August 1, 2013

3.2.1 Instant Microwave Cake

Don't hate me for this.  You may gain a kajillion pounds after you get addicted to these.  I will take no blame for your lack of willpower.  Your dreams of making a delicious, individual-sized, warm, fluffy cake in the microwave in less than 2 minutes are about to come true....

<Mix 1 box mix of angel food cake with 1 box mix of ANY cake flavor of your choice.  Mix well in a ziploc bag.  Follow the instructions below.>

3 tbsp cake mix
2 tbsp water
1 minute in microwave

Top with your favorite icing and voila.  An individual sized, warm, delicious cake ready for you to devour in 30 seconds flat!  YUM!  Try some interesting combinations and let me know your favorite!

Just in case you're confused.  Here's a step by step photo guide:

3 Tbsp Cake Mix-

2 Tbsp Water-

Mix Well-

Microwave For 1 Minute-

Now You Have Cake!

Even Better, Cake With Icing!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because Baby Girl's tonsils are so swollen, they're almost touching.  She doesn't have Strep, which is a good thing, but that means we just have to wait it out.  Poor baby.   


  1. PMS + cake in 2 minutes = disasterous.

  2. Easy and quick and tasty....I might be in trouble, especially with endless possibilities. Hope Baby Girl feels better real soon.

  3. My ass thanks you advance for the extra comfort layer that this will add :)

  4. This could be veryyyyy dangerous! It looks so good and is great for portion control!


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