Monday, August 26, 2013

Better Late Than Never

Hi friends!  I hope your weekend was as special as Miley's VMA performance.

Let's dish about some successes I've had with DIY and decorating over the past few days.

I've had exactly 11 frames lying in the middle of the upstairs hallway now for about 2 months. 

I know.  What an embarrassment.  

They were there forever and a day partly because I was terrified of completely screwing up the gallery wall I've been dreaming about and partly because I knew it would take forever to complete and I didn't feel like devoting an entire afternoon to the project.  All I can say is better late than never....

Here are the final results (minus the 3 photos I'm waiting on to fill the triple frame on the bottom right).  Not too shabby, eh?

It warms up the playroom and is just the cheery thing to finish off the room.  Yay me!

I found these gray upholstered ottomans at Target for $60/ea.  I've been wanting some sort of cube/pouf/bench to add a little extra seating in our den.

Target Threshold Ottomans
They still needed a little something special so I stole the gorgeous Ikea sheepskin from my bathroom vanity chair (now I need another one, ahem, Melissa) and voila!  Wham glam thank you ma'am!

Ikea RENS Sheepskin
Finally.  Last but certainly not least.  My attempt at spray painting.

I found this FREE rattan coffee table in my parent's basement.  I figured if I ruined it, no harm, no foul.  

My only spray painting mishap was while trying to put the gun on the top, I spray painted my arm, face, and hair.  Yeah.  Whoops.  Nothing like a little bright orange high gloss paint on your mug and freshly highlighted hair.  Thankfully, I was able to wash it all out in time.  

This little helper was a lifesaver!  
Amazon:  Rust-Oleum Spray Grip

It's by no means perfect, but I think it'll do.  I'm pretty proud of my little table and may keep this whole spray painting hobby up!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because Baby Girl had perfect speech before her adenoidectomy and now she is having trouble.  Her speech is very nasal and it's so difficult to understand her at times.  It's getting worse as the days go on.  It truly breaks my heart.  I just pray that it will get better with time and a little help from her Speech Therapist mama.  I don't want her to have to go through another surgery.  I've been stressing about this like you wouldn't believe.


  1. Love your gallery wall!!!
    I am sorry about baby girl had surgery.
    Hope you are great!

  2. Great job with the pictures!! I love the poofs with the sheepskin. So chic! So sorry to hear about your little girls speech. But it sounds like she's in the best hands with you being a speech therapist!

  3. Great job on your DIY! The poofs are awesome.
    Good luck with baby girl!

  4. That table looks amazing. I think I need that spray gun thingy. Don't worry about baby girl I bet it will get better as time passes! Oh and love the ottomans, what a fabulous Tarjay score!

  5. Gallery wall looks great- it takes me months to pull the trigger on stuff like that too. Love the table!! I need that spray paint thing! Poor baby girl- its probably just part of recovery- I had my adenoids out as a kid and I never had an ear infection or strep throat after that.

  6. Poor baby girl. That must be very stressful. Is that a common side effect? Thank goodness you have a speach path background. I was an art teacher. The only thing I can help my kids with is their coloring. Keep us posted on baby girl's progress.
    Love the orange spray paint. I've been in a spray painting frenzy over here too. I love it! I'm afraid I'm killing way too many brain cells with all the fumes flying around.
    I hear you about getting old. I thought it was bad when I found gray hairs in my eyebrows but now they are growing at a ridiculously fast rate. I'm starting to resemble Andy Rooney.
    I'm glad twerking is just dancing, I thought it meant she was on drugs.
    One last thing, thanks for recommending Victor. He was great. He said we have the same type of hair but he's been doing your's for awhile and your's is great. I guess that means mine needs some work!


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