Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Birthday Agenda

It's my party and I'll buy if I want to, buy if I want to, buy if I want to....

Wait, those are the words to that song, right?

They sound much better than "cry if I want to."  Agree?

That's what I'm off to do on this Birth Day of mine.  

I have a sitter, a brunch date, downtown shopping, and a romantical birthday dinner on the calendar.  

My sweet friend Catherine is coming in town Thursday and we're having a girlfriend celebration dinner that night.  Birthday weeks are the best!

I already bought myself all of my birthday presents this year.  Oops.  

But....  Mr. BMJ surprised me with the gorgeous Tory Burch bag that I've been lusting over.  

Tory Burch Priscilla Tote

It's bag perfection.  Do I have to wait until after Labor Day to carry it?!?!  I'm not sure if I can.

Everyone have a great day and we'll chat tomorrow!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because Baby Girl wants to know where the birthday cake and her presents are.  Ha!  Selfish much?


  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day! That bag is amazing.

  2. That bag IS perfection! Adore.


  3. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your shopping excursion! Can't wait to see the loot!

  4. I like your version of the song much better. LOVE THE BAG!! I can't wait to see it in real life. Did you know a few years ago when I was working at Dave's office, he sent me on an errand to go buy you a purse? It was something at TJ Maxx that either you or he had seen and stuffed behind a bunch of other purses so no one else could get to it...hahaha. That was so long ago! Glad I could contribute to the purse collection. Hope you have the happiest birthday!

  5. Happy birthday!! Enjoy the juice
    Love that bag!

  6. Happy birthday to you! Wishing you a wonderful celebration with wonderful wine!

  7. Happy Birth Day!!! Adore the bag! Enjoy the entire week by splurging on every thing, drinking delicious Baby Mama Juice, and pampering yourself.

  8. Gorgeous bag! Enjoy your birthday! Sounds like its going to be awesome!

  9. Happy Birthday!! That bag is the stuff of dreams!! Cant wait to celebrate on Thursday!!

  10. Happy Birthday! I would carry that bag TOMORROW if I had it! :)

  11. Happy happy (belated) Birthday!! Carry that bag- don't you wait! It's too pretty!


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