Monday, August 12, 2013

Birthday Wish List

Don't fret!  

There's still time to place your order and get the presents to me on time!  

My big day is on the 20th.  

My Birthday List is has several repeats from my Christmas Wish List.  I guess that means I really, really, really want need them!

1.  I need a really good camera and it would be perfect if it came just in time for my NYC Fashion Week debut!  I need proof that I was there!  Nothing too big, though.  It must fit in my bag (ahem, see below).
Nikon D5200 Digital Camera

2.  I saw this bag at Gwynn's and almost died of bag lust.  OMG.  It's so much better in person.  Drool-worthy actually.  How fabu would this be on my arm at Fashion Week?  Gah!

Tory Burch Priscilla Calf Hair Satchel

3.  I'm still dreaming about this Restoration Hardware tall mirror for the wall on my staircase.  I would take any of their large mirrors, but this one is the most affordable.  Who doesn't love a huge, antiqued mirror?

Restoration Hardware Antiqued-Glass Mirror 44" W x 60" H

4.  So, we have a white couch.  I know, I know, it's so impractical with 3 kids.  But, it's so so pretty.  We usually keep it covered with a blanket to protect it from pet fur and grubby little hands.  Now that Goobie is gone, we don't need as much protection.  How luxurious would this be draped over the bottom cushions?!
Restoration Hardware Luxe Fur Throws
5.  I found my outfit for Fashion Week!  The reveal will be soon!  Here's a hint...leather leggings.  These shoes would be icing on the couture cake!
Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Sandals
6.  I've been dying to try these products.  Just a travel set will do.  That way I can test the waters to see if I want to make a big commitment.  

Rodan + Fields Redefine Set
Algenist Retinol Firming and Lifting Serum

Nerium Age-Defying Treatment

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I'm finally a ".com".  I've owned it for a year and a half, but my smart blog designer converted it over for me!  You can update the blog web address on your readers and sidebars!  


  1. Happy almost B-day to you! The way I look at it is that these are all "needs" so you should get them all:) Especially those great shoes!!!

  2. Yes yes yes to that bag! Still bummed I have to miss the celebrations!

  3. Fabulous b-day choices. And yay for August babies. My husband's is the 21st. Hope you get everything on your list!

  4. Can I please fit in your suitcase and go to fashion week with you?! How about I promise to buy you the camera??? You're right that bag is gorgeous and I love the jewel toned green for fall! I can't help not thinking of Proactiv when I see Rodan and Fields but I have heard their anti aging stuff is really good! Hope you get everything you want!

  5. 1. Cannot wait to celebrate with you!
    2. That bag. Dreaming.
    3. I tried Rodan? and fields microderm paste and it was the best I have ever tried!
    4. Yay for dot com!
    5. I hope I do not forget to wish you Happy Bday on the 20th!

  6. Its like you made this list for me. I want everything on it. I need a new camera so bad, I use my iphone for everything. Those shoes are simply amazing. And I would love that faux fur throw.


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