Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ciao Chow

This is for all of my fellow Charleston Foodies out there!

If you're traveling to Charleston sometime soon, Pin this post as a dining guide!

If you're none of the above, then just drool baby drool!

I swear that Charleston is in a "Golden Restaurant Era".  There's a new restaurant grand opening every weekend round these parts.  They're all good.  Real good.  It's tough to keep up and even tougher to decide where to eat...too many amazing choices.  #firstworldproblems

I bring you 3 of Charleston's newest Italian eateries:

1.  Indaco - We had a double date to the grand opening this past Saturday.  The service was wonderful, which speaks volumes considering it was opening night.  The food was delicious.  The pasta is homemade.  The menu and wine list offer enough variety to please everyone.

I ordered the Bucatini and a glass of 3 glasses of way too many glasses of Soave wine.  

We shared several appetizers, including:  Spanish Mackerel, Butter Bean Puree, Wood-Roasted Squid Salad, and Shrimp.

2.  Coda del Pesce - Isle of Palms finally has a good restaurant.  It's about time.  Mr. BMJ and I heard rave reviews about this new establishment and were dying to see what all the fuss was about it.  The owners of the downtown restaurant, Trattoria Lucca, opened this new, local seafood, Italian restaurant several weeks ago.  Thank goodness.  It's to die for.  

The menu changes often, but if they have it, make sure you order at least 12 of the Local Flounder Braciole:

3.  Slice - An Italian family opened this little pizza joint.  This super picky pizza critic loved it!  Though we ate at one of the few tables in the restaurant, it's more of a take-out kind of a place.  

They have pasta dishes too.  Baby Girl loved her "worms."  She's an expert sketti slurper.  Who taught her that horrible trick?

Moral of the story is you have to try these restaurants!  They're molto buono!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  
1- Because one of my internal gum stitches worked its way out and was giving me serious pain over the weekend.  I had to rush over to the office to get it cut out yesterday.  Have I mentioned how much I hate gum surgery?  
2 - Des actually picked the right guy for her.  Chris is kind, down to earth, and handsome.  I can even look past his cheesy poems.  Thank goodness Brooks didn't come crawling back and ruin everything.  I cried during the proposal.  I haven't been this happy with a Bachelorette finale since Ali picked Roberto (a Charleston boy).  
3 - I'm so disappointed with the new Bachelor.  I don't find Juan Pablo cute and have no idea how he's going to fill up 2 hours every Monday night this Fall.  Zak would have been perfect.   



  1. Ahhh I can't wait to come back and eat at Indaco!! Still need to go back to Coda to see the cute bartender (priorities!) and need to try Slice too.

  2. I have not even heard of two out of three of these new restaurants! So happy to try them soon! Italian is one of my fav!

    Is it me or does Juan look a little cross-eyed? He is cute until he opens his mouth. No one could be as boring as Dez!!

  3. Thanks for the new restaurant recommendations! I hadn't heard of any of these. Love me some homemade pasta and pizza! And wine, of course.

  4. Excellent reviews. I look forward to trying them out!

  5. I am so excited you posted this. We are staying out at IOP the first week of September and I have been trying to find restaurants the fam will love! Ok Juan Pablo?? Had no idea dullsville and I agree so glad she choose Chris I think they might actually make it to the altar!

  6. Thank you for this post my dear! Todd and I were trying to decide where to go on our next date night!! I hate to admit it but the bachelorette bored me so much this year that I stopped watching it, so I have no idea who Chris is ha!

  7. You're so right about it being so hard trying to keep up with all of Charleston's restaurants. I haven't even been to the ones that opened up a few years ago yet! I road by Indaco on Friday and thought there's no way they are opening that restaurant tomorrow! The outside patio area had nothing on it! But I guess they got it done!

  8. That little pasta covered face is just tooooo addable!!!


  9. Just wanted to let you know I can't reply back to your comments because you're a no-reply blogger! It's easy to fix just go to Blogger Profile then click Edit Profile then check Show my Address. Let me know if you need help!

  10. I seriously need to get myself to Charleston. What a great city!!

    Also - I'm totally with you about the new bachelor - borrrring.

  11. How can I ever make it to all the amazing restaurants in Charleston when there is always a new one! Indaco goes on my list though!

  12. So..funny story, I went to College with Juan Pablo! He was a soccer player and boy was he a "player" if ya get my drift. I always thought he was adorable, but I agree with you...how is he going to fill up 2 hours?


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