Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Here's the good news....

1.  We closed on our new lot Friday afternoon.  As soon as we sell our first dream home, we're going to build our second dream home.  Yes, we're crazy.  Crazy and excited!  We scored some fun new land owner swag to boot!

2.  We had a lovely time at the always gorgeous The Sanctuary At Kiawah Island over the long, holiday weekend.

3.  We leave for my favorite NYC for an amazing experience at New York Fashion Week on Thursday.  Did I mention that Carmen Marc Valvo is making a couture dress for me?!  Gah!  

4.  Baby Girl started her first day of Mom's Morning Out this morning.  She looked adorable and only cried for the first few minutes.  I had enough time to grab a coffee and get a new nail polish and lip gloss to add to the hoarding collection.  I obviously have my priorities straight. I was feeling so yuck this morning that I forgot to take off her ugly Wal-Mart princess pajama shorts while getting her dressed.  I'm sure that the teachers thought I was seriously crazy when they changed her diaper at school.  Thank goodness her dress covered my sick mommy mistake.

Here's the bad news....

1.  Remember when I developed that cough for 4 months last year that was finally diagnosed as atypical bronchitis?  It's back.  It's miserable.  I'm already over it and it just started over the weekend.  Woe is me.  Did I mention I fly out in 2 days and want to feel like a rockstar?

2.  I have one of my famous kidney infections that comes out of nowhere and makes me feel like I have the flu.  Call the wambulance.  I need it.  Here's to Levaquin working its magic in 2 days.

3.  Other than my big "fashion show outfit"  from Gwynn's and gorge Clover Canyon dress from Hampden Clothing, I have no idea what to pack for NYC.  I'm still looking for rose gold layering necklaces for my outfit.  I'm stressing that it's going to be hotter than Hades and I'm going to sweat to death.  I need comfy yet stylish shoes (preferably flats) for shopping on Saturday.  Are these J.Crew flats what I need?!  It cannot.  I repeat cannot get one degree warmer than the current forecast.  Cooler is much much appreciated.  

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  My adult ballet dance class was canceled before it even began this Fall.  I've been looking forward to it all summer.  So bummed.  It's the only form of exercise I can be remotely excited about.  Does anyone know of any Charleston dance companies that offer adult ballet classes?!  I've tried all of the "barre" type classes and as effective as they are, they're not even remotely related to ballet.


  1. I know my friend Bridget teaches Ballet I will ask her for you! Also, I cannot wait to see this dress!

    Sending you lots of good vibes to get better soon! AKA before you leave for NYC!

  2. You are going to have SO much fun in NYC! How swanky are you in your outfits and custom made dress? Please document any and all events.

  3. Ok first of all you live in a castle now and I can only wait to see what your new home is going to look like! I love that Clover Canyon dress! Maybe they'll have a cold front come in while you're in NYC. So sorry to hear about your ballet class. I'll be honest I didn't know they had adult ballet classes?! If I hear of anything ill let you know! If you have a friend back out on your trip I can have my bags backed and ready to go in minutes!!

  4. SO sorry that you are not feeling well but I am sure that you will be good as new for your super fun NYC trip!

    PS...new house, what!?! We need more details!!!!

  5. How exciting about the new house! Hope you're feeling rested and well by NYFW!

  6. Have you tried Dance Carolina? Also, I'm so jealous you will live on DI! We are off Clements Ferry, not far! I love DI.

  7. So jealous you're going to NYFW!! I think the weather should be pretty good for you. Also so so excited about the new lot and house!! That's so awesome- my dream is to build one day, the only problem there aren't many places left to build where I live.

  8. ooooh NYCFW!!! Exciting stuff!!!
    I wish we had adult ballet !

  9. So excited!!!! I love your taste and super, duper excited that you might share your house building with us! Love to see pics of progress! Xo

  10. First, you look great! So exciting to build a new house, so you can work so diligently to make it your home. Look forward to details. Have a blast in NYC. Share many pics!

  11. you live in Charleston? Dying to visit. I'm thinking next Spring with my friend who doesn't live too far away and our kids. You will have to give me the skinny. So excited about your trip to Fashion Week and your new home!! BIG news!! Enjoy these special moments!!

  12. OK I am so jealous I can't stand it!! OMG have so much fun in NYC what an awesome experience!! I cannot wait to hear all about this fabulousness

  13. I didn't realize you were so close to Kiawah! We are staying at The Sanctuary in a few weeks for a medical conference -- I don't really want to attend the boring night dinners, so we're going out on our own -- any tips/places we MUST go? It's our first time to that area and I'm so excited. LOVE your blog, btw! And SO jealous about NYFW!! Hope you are feeling better.


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