Thursday, September 26, 2013


I was flipping through the October issue of "Lucky" Magazine the other day and an article caught my attention.  It talked about "blogger style."  It completely stereotyped us as top knot hairstyled, clashing colors and patterns wearing, stripe obsessed women. 

I have never in my 37 years sported a top knot and just can't get into the whole mismatched trend.  While I enjoy a good stripe every now and then, it's not my end-all-be-all.  

There's nothing wrong with the stereotype.  I've seen some pretty fierce top knots and some interesting mismatched ensembles in blogland.  I just don't think it's fair to lump us all in one style category.

This got me thinking....  What is my uniform?  If someone was dressing up as me for Halloween, what would they wear?  As "Lucky" put it, what would my "Me-Drag" look like?

1.  Mixed metal jewelry.  I love to combine all colors of gold: white, yellow, and rose.  I'm usually fully armored in jewels, from earrings, a necklace, multiple bracelets, and rings on both hands.  Roberto Coin is one of my favorite designers and I love wearing his pieces.

Roberto Coin The Primavera Collection
2.  I've already professed my adoration of blazers.  They complete me.  I would wear this in a heartbeat.

Sabine Boucle Moto Jacket
3.  I would totally wear this t-shirt under the blazer.  

Kiss Kiss Tee
4.  Skinny jeans.  Once you go skinny, you never go back.  I vowed to never wear skinny jeans a few years ago.  Then, I bought a pair.  The rest is history.  These 7 For All Mankind "The Skinny" are my all-time favorites.
7 For All Mankind The Skinny
4.  The shoes.  This is the hard part.  It's a toss up between killer Louboutins, leopard wedges, or tall boots.  Take your pick.

Christian Louboutin Karina Caged Ankle Bootie
Christian Louboutin So Kate Python Pump
Gucci Charlen Wedge Pump
Vince Camuto Vatero Over The Knee Boot

5.  The hair is down.  Always down.  It's usually straight, but sometimes I get a wild hair and curl it.

What would I wear if I was going to be you for Halloween, aka "You-Drag"?

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because tonight's the big "Fall Into Beauty" party!  Please come out and see all of the lovely good that will help us look beautiful!


  1. 1. Huge fan of mixed metals over here. My Cape Cod bracelet is both gold and silver and that thing does not come off of my body. Ever.
    2. Teach me.
    4. Ditto.
    Oh snap you have two #4. I meant teach me about blazers. But I am so ready to rock some boots too.
    5. Woah you're right, I've never seen your hair up!

    1. Ummm apparently I'm drunk bc I am talking about blazers being #4 when it's actually your #2. Wtf?! I need to go back to bed.

  2. Wow - what a crazy stereotype! I have the same sentiments as you...I'm not a mis-matcher...I actually think that "trend" will someday be something we look back on in the same way we do the ugly mistake - a "what were we/they thinking?" era.

  3. Yeah I find that irritating. Although I do see that bloggers embrace "trends" more aggressively, or maybe I am just exposed to more fashionable folks through the blogosphere. My uniform is cute flats, big earrings, and a lot of color. I also am rarely without my sunglasses. xxoo

  4. I hate blogger stereotypes. I do love all of your me-drag choices though. That blazer is killer and those shoes?? Amaze.

  5. Hell ya - consider me dressing up as Mrs. Baby Mama Juice for Halloween. Think my husband will go with this excuse for purchasing Loubs for this very important holiday?!?!

  6. We wear same uniform! ;-) I'd have on an peplum top though.

  7. Love that we all have our uniform. For me it's some type of Tory Burch shoe, Hudson jeans (closest jeans I have found that feel like I'm wearing sweats) t shirt or blouse, monogrammed necklace and tons of bracelets.
    Thanks for posting that hair product, I definitely need to try it!
    How's baby girl by the way? Is her speech coming along?

  8. Weirdest stereotype! Don't they know bloggers blog about beauty and fashion? My fall uniform usually consists of dresses, tights, boots - my go-to outfit choice.

  9. You rock a blazer better than anyone I know. and I have never worn a knot either and hate the mismatched look- ugh! Have so much fun tonight so sad to miss, sniff, sniff literally!

  10. I have never rocked a top knot but I do love me some stripes!! My uniform would be a skinnys, long sweater and flats with mixed metal jewelry and my hair is always down and straight

  11. your uniform is very similar to mine. I adore blazers too....instead heels my uniform is flats...loving that moto jacket...the colors are fab! All I wear now are skinnies...but don't adore them like you.....I can't wait for the higher waistline jeans!

  12. I'm not too big on mismatched, but I have to admit I have worn a top knot a few times and love wearing stripes. The nice thing about blogs are how different they can be so putting all bloggers in one category is pretty ridiculous. I'm dying over that Kiss Kiss tee!! You're so right, it would look awesome under a blazer! And I totally agree, once you go skinnies, you never go back. I can't imagine wearing anything else!

  13. I'm with ya, I can't pull of the mismatch stuff and I am an epic failure at topknots. I saw a hilarious stereotype (can't remember where) where the "Mommy Blogger" was straight out of the 80's with a short, curly Mom 'do, wearing some sort of denim bib/dress getup and bragged about sewing all of her kids' clothes, homeschooling, making everything from scratch, and scrapbooking her heart out. Pretty sure that couldn't be farther from my truth, lol.


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