Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Ramblings

I have 15 minutes left in Baby Girl's nap to write this post!  Let's see if I can do it....

This weekend was jam packed with house stuff because we made it official on Friday!  Our for sale sign is up!  Let the showings begin!!!

Baby Girl is now in her big girl bed!  She was very excited to get it set up and didn't skip a beat during her first night sleeping in it!  I don't blame her.  Have you felt how hard crib mattresses are?  It's like sleeping on a pile of rocks.  I need a bed skirt and pop of color at the end of her bed and it will be complete!

I may or may not have set up the baby monitor on her big girl bed.  I have issues.  I know.

Now I just have to sell her crib and bedding.  Between selling those and the house, Craigslist has become my life!

Christina just sent me this tweet:

I thought I was the only one....  It looks like I'll have members when I start a support group!

Only 5 more days until my first Clemson game in 8 years!  I can't wait!  This is my outfit if the weather cooperates!  I scored some awesome tickets today too!

Don't forget about the "Fall Into Beauty" party if you live in the Charleston area.  It's at my house on Thursday at 7:30.  We'll all be even more beautiful with Nerium AD, "It Works" Wraps, Wash With Water, jewelry, and wine of course (it's full of antioxidants, it counts)!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  1.  Because I can't even begin to think about packing my house up and moving not once but twice.  I want to sell and start building dream house #2, but I'm not sure if I'm ready just yet.  Eeek.  2.  This post took me much longer than 15 minutes.  Oh well, I tried....


  1. Congrats on closing on the house - so exciting! And the Clemson game will be tons of fun - especially now that you have the perfect outfit!

  2. UGH moving is such a daunting task. Not fun. So excited for Thursday!

  3. Hope you sell your house quick! I'd buy it if I could ;-) How much for the crib? I'll be in the market since I got rid of mine last Spring.....doh!

  4. BIG updates in this post. Congrats on making the move to put the house on the market. I spent the entire weekend with my cousins who are building their dream house, and I'm pretty sure we looked at floor plans for a solid 11 hours. It is not for the weak! Holy hell - stock that wine fridge.

    And the twizzlers.

  5. So exciting about your house being on the market! I'll come by this week to put my offer down. I kid I kid. You're going to look like one hot Momma at the Clemsux game this weekend! I'm really going to try to come to your party on Thursday!

  6. All fun stuff and at least you are not bored! :-)

  7. Hope you have a blast at the game! Good luck with selling the house. I know all too well how stressful moving can be.

  8. Best of luck selling your house! And have a great time at the game!!!


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