Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Benny Boop Boop

First of all, thank you for the wonderful response to the "You Will Love Wash with Water" post and giveaway!  I know you will love the products as much as I do!  You have through Friday to enter to win!

Another success story:  My mom has horrible issues with the skin on her fingers.  It cracks, bleeds, and is very painful and inflamed.  She has been using the "A Star is Born Unscented Baby Lotion" for 2 days and they are almost completely healed.  Nothing has helped her in the past, not even prescription creams from the doctor.  
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My sweetest Baby Girl turned 3 this weekend.  We had a low key, laid back, small celebration for her.  I lost my mind and threw huge parties for her 1st and 2nd birthdays so I wanted to take the easy route this year.  The Little Gym is an amazing venue for anyone who's in the market.  

Her theme was My Little Pony.  She talked about her My Little Pony cake for weeks leading up to her birthday.  I had Harris Teeter make her cake and gave them a napkin to use as an example.  Ha!  They took me literally.    They copied the napkin onto a thin layer of fondant icing.  You could even see the quilting.

I present....The Napkin Cake:

We were invited to our first dress-up, princess party on Saturday.  Baby Girl kept her Sleeping Beauty costume on the entire time!  Yay!

I attended the "Wine Women and Shoes" charity event on Sunday with some fun and lovely friends!  It was, unannounced to us, an outdoor event.  We had to drink through the grueling heat!

My mom's birthday was yesterday and we went to see "Runner Runner."  My two boyfriends, Ben and Justin star in the movie.  We loved them it!  It was a great story and the casting was superb.  It was just enough action for your man-friends to enjoy it too!  I know I promised a few friends that I would go with them.  Don't worry ladies, I'm ready to see it again and order the chips and queso again for dinner!

Oh Benny, boop boop, boop boop.


I'm off to see the ENT and pick out my oh-so-sexy hearing aids.  Wish me luck!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I've gained 3 pounds in the past 4 days since my family has been in town.  Ugh.  Why does that always happen?  


  1. The napkin cake!! ha! Oh, Ben, look at that face! Good luck today :)

  2. Your little one is just precious! I may have to go enter your giveaway. I was thinking it was more for the little ones!

  3. Ivey is absolutely adorable. What a fun birthday for #3!

  4. Yeah the outdoor runway was news to me it was hot as shit. Love the little gym we just went to a party there and Sterling loved it. Hope your hearing aids go well!

  5. So cool that the Teeter could replicate the napkin and turn it into a cake! Glad to hear Runner Runner was good. I feel ya on the weight gain. We had a coworkers baby shower the other night at work and I swear I ate alll night long. Came home and weighed 5 lbs more than normal!!

  6. Your daughter is just too cute! So happy she had a great party. I have yet to see a single ad for "Runner Runner" so thanks for sharing. Hubby and I have not been to the movies in forever!!!

  7. Dear Lord it was hot, but our cutie that kept bring us bottles of booze made it much more tolerable!! Happy Birthday to sweet Ivey.....I love that they copied the napkin :)


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