Monday, October 14, 2013

Let's Rename Monday to Couchday!

I hope all is well on this overcast and chilly Monday.  It's a perfect day to snuggle with a cup of coffee, under a blanket, on the couch, with a fire blazing in the fireplace.  Let's all take a moment and go there in our minds.

Welcome back to the real world.  That's not happening today in my house.  We have our last mommy and me Little Gym class, grocery store shopping, bed stripping, and dinner making on the agenda.  I know, those are thrilling plans.  I can hardly contain my excitement.  Don't be jealous.

I was, however, truly excited on Friday.  Mr. BMJ and I got a sitter and headed out to Kiawah to look at a few homes unbelievably gorgeous mansions with an architect we're considering.  I've truly never seen anything like these amazing structures they design.  Check them out here.  We went in the Tadler home.  We grabbed dinner at La Tela Pizzeria in Freshfield Village.  The quail egg pizza is life changing.

Saturday was filled with pumpkin patch fun and a date night at the movies.  Boone Hall Plantation stepped it up this year and the pumpkin patch is better than ever.  Make sure you go on the hay ride if you make it out there.  We're going to go back a few more times because we didn't get to do all of the fun things they offer.  

Who's going to the Boone Hall Fright Nights with me?  They have 4 attractions this year.  Whoa.  They even named one after me.  You better wear ear plugs.  I'm going to scream the entire time.  Loudly.  

We saw "Gravity" at my fave Cinebarre Theater.  It was a great movie and we were on the edge of our seats the entire time.  Clooney and Bullock were superb.  Sandy has been to a few thousand spinning classes.  Girlfriend is even more buff than ever!  I watched her and her perfect body while eating chips and queso and drinking BMJ.  Perfect!

On Sunday, I actually did get to lay on the couch with my coffee and watch an entire cooking show thanks to Mr. BMJ taking Baby Girl upstairs to play in the playroom.  It was heaven!  In the afternoon, we drove around looking at a few homes under construction and got busted snooping.  Oops.  We were just doing our architect homework.  

I ordered a back-up dress for our November outdoor farm wedding in case my Carmen Marc Valvo couture dress doesn't make it in time.  J.Crew was practically giving the dress away with the 25% off sale but today they're offering free shipping  and 25% off.  Grrrrr.  That happens every time I order something from them.   So annoying.
J.Crew Taryn Dress
I'm wearing it with these tights I scored in NYC at Bergdorf and a pair of black patent heels.  Does anyone have a black mink coat I can borrow?!

Wolford 'Robot' Tights
That's all for Monday folks.  See you tomorrow!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because it's family picture day on Saturday and I need my hair did and to figure out what everyone is wearing.  Suggestions are appreciated!


  1. Love that top you're wearing at the patch. I bet if you call J Crew they'll credit you the shipping/discount. Loooove that color purple. You can wear it to your next Clemson prom. Ha.

  2. What a great weekend. I don't have a black mink but I helped a girlfriend score one on eBay last year for $60(!!). Vintage rabbit fur but still! Check it out!

  3. I LOVE La Tela. Those tights are awesome. Sorry, if I had a black mink coat I would totally lend it to you, but alas I do not.

  4. that pizza looks so good. Gravity scares me- will you tell me what happens because I will never go see it major anxiety attack looming there. I have several fur coats but I don;t think any are black I will check though (PETA would hate me).

  5. your little girl is so cute. She has the best smile. I don't think I I can see Gravity....too much work, too stressful. I have such limited free time that when I go to the movies I just want to relax and have fun. Love me a romantic comedy. Quail egg die! There is a little rest. in Madrid that has the best quail egg sushi....that is all I eat when I go....I can imagine it on pizza! love the dress and tights...Carmen MV has to come through though!! You will look so HOT with that one

  6. Fun weekend! Glad to hear you liked Gravity too! That quail egg pizza sounds amazing. Egg on a pizza is my weakness. I love those tights! They will look great with either dress! I own a fur shawl that belonged to my grandmother you could borrow but it has a hole in it so I'd hate for you to look like a hobo at a wedding!

  7. A few girl looks so cute at the pumpkin patch, that pizza looks insane, I am loving those tights and a group of us are going to Boone Hall Fright Nights......come with us!!!!

  8. Brian and I are going to see Gravity this weekend and I can't wait to see it! That pizza looks amazing... must try that asap.

  9. Love those tights!! I would love to go to Boone Hall. It sounds gorgeous. Your weekend was so busy!


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