Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

So, I fibbed a little bit.  
There will be no party tonight for the premiere of "Super Fun Night".  
I will be watching it, though, with extremely high expectations.  It's already the subject of bad reviews.  I hope those critics are WRONG!  
Watch along and let me know what you think!
Baby Girl is on the mend!  Thanks for all of your well wishes!  She woke up today fever free and seems to feel so much better!  She will be perfectly healthy for her My Little Pony family birthday celebration on Friday.
I'm writing this post and liking it centered vs left justification.  I'm leaving it this way and don't care if it breaks the "blog rules."  Sue me.  Not really.  I should probably stop saying that in this sue crazy world.

This post (The Government Shut Down--Parents Can Too!) cracked me up yesterday about the government shutdown.  Ha!  I love spoofs.

Speaking of spoofs, this is a funny one on Marina Shifrin's famous "I Quit" video.  The spoof is a WAHM who is quitting too.  I can relate!



All of these "realtor preview showings" are making me crazy.  Bring the frackin buyers people!  I'm cleaning like a mad woman just to satisfy their curiosity.  Not cool.

I need a princess costume for Baby Girl.  She is going to a princess birthday party on Saturday and everyone will be in costumes.  She's not much of a dress-up lover but claims she'll wear an Aurora costume for the party.  Is it wrong that I'm going to use this as an excuse to go into the Halloween Express?  I'm obsessed with those stores!
{Disney Princess Aurora Girls Costume}
Speaking of Halloween, this is what I'm planning for the BMJs.  It totally cracks me up!
I've been trying to get through the new Dan Brown book, "Inferno."  I'm so bored and uninterested in it.  I loved several of his other books, "Angels and Demons", "The DaVinci Code", and  "Deception Point."  Has anyone else read "Inferno"?  Should I keep reading or be a quitter and move on?
{Dan Brown's "Inferno"}

We're interviewing a few architects over the next few weeks to decide who is going to design Dream Home #2.  These are a few of my inspiration pictures.  Follow along on Pinterest to see more!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I'm planning on attending the Wine, Women, Shoes Event on Sunday but I don't know what to wear?!  Who else is going?  What are you wearing?!

*I just realized that it's Wednesday. Wow. I promise that I haven't had any BMJ this morning. Let's rename this post "Who Knew It Was Wednesday." I warned you yesterday that things were cray!


  1. omg thank goodness for this reminder. setting my dvr now. the halloween costumes are going to be hysterical. well, ivey's will be fabulous, but that's a given. i love houses w/ a ton of windows. just make sure to keep your pantalones on! hah jk. see you sunday!! (and oh i'll be in a LBD, bc i have no choice, ha)

  2. Ha - I was really tripped up by your post title - almost convinced that it was Tuesday and my mind was just playing tricks on me hoping it was Wednesday. Hello!!!!

    But either way - I'll be curious to hear your thoughts on Super Fun Night, I'm hoping it's a win.

  3. LS3P Associates for the win!

  4. OMG, did you see that her old employer posted a similar "We're Hiring" video too? It's funny! Want to hear about Super Fun Night...haven't heard much negative or positive about it...I'm out of the loop. Bet your next house is gorgeous!

  5. How fun is a My little Pony Party? I like your center justification. I do it myself sometimes. ;-)

    LOVE those houses with all the windows. Sigh.

  6. That Halloween costume idea is great! Glad baby girl is doing better! :)

  7. Had to come read the "10 on Tuesday post" cracking up! ok I think Fun Night looked kind of stupid, I didn't even watch- was it funny? I heard that Dan Brown book was good but I have not read it, some of his books can be hard to get into. Napoleon Dynamite is one of my all time favorite movies- great costume idea. and your house is going to be amazing, love those inspiration pictures now when can I move in?


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