Monday, November 18, 2013

X-Rays and Animals and Sweaters, Oh My!

Happy Monday!  I totally flaked out on Friday Funnies and I apologize.  I do have a good excuse, though.  We spent all morning in the doctor's office and poor Baby Girl had a chest X-Ray.  It was negative for pneumonia, thank heavens.  I also cooked a gourmet dinner for friends with a precious new baby all afternoon.  

We had a lovely weekend since Baby Girl started feeling better on Saturday.  We took a family field trip to Charlestowne Landing and saw the animals.  If you live in the Charleston area, this is an amazing family activity!

I have a one-track mind this week.  Our Annual Fall Harvest Party is this Saturday.  I'm up to my eyeballs in last minute coordinating.  We're going all out this year with a band, caterer, and bartenders!   

I have my outfit all ready to go!  This is what I'll be rocking Saturday night.

I think these would be a lovely addition to the ensemble! Don't you?

Gold Leaf Earrings
If you want to get in the Fall spirit with me, here are some of my favorite finds....

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I'm so stressing about my Fall tablescape for this huge party.  This is what it looks like so far.  Yikes.  


  1. In the midst of trying to sell your house you're also having a party!? You're crazy! I do love that outfit you picked out!!

  2. I'm all about your outfit for the fall party. Those pants are a-mazing!

  3. Is it sad I am so freaking excited about attending your party on Saturday!?
    We hardly ever do anything anymore!!

  4. Ah your party sounds AMAZING. Your outfit is perfect. I cannot wait to see pictures.

  5. Love the pants for the party outfit!

  6. Love the party outfit and isn't Charlestowne Landing so cool???

  7. So happy Baby Girl is finally feeling better. That outfit is KILLER! Love it. And I have no doubt you will pull off an awesome tablescape, complete with a knockout dinner. Better set two more place settings up, ya know...for crashers ;-)

  8. Your fall harvest party looks like such a good time!! (just looked at last yrs pics) Good luck getting ready for it and I'm glad baby girl doesnt' have pneumonia!

  9. That gourmet dinner you cooked looked divine. I'm sure the party will turn out just right! Love the outift and yes the earrings are a must ;)

  10. You are going to look amazing Saturday sista, so sad were going to miss!! We love Charlestowne landing, it's so fun!


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