Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Brian Atwood's Sale Is Insane!

This is truly one of the best sales I've ever seen.

Brian Atwood is practically giving away some of his gorgeous shoes on his website.

I ordered this gold pair of pumps that I plan to bring to NYFW with me next weekend.  They were originally $325 and I paid $69 for them.  I mean seriously...$69!?!  You just can't beat that for brand name, well made shoes.  Hurry on over!  Mine are already sold out and the rest of the steals are going fast! 

Here are some other pairs I almost snatched up (and still may)!

Besame 120 Countour Pump - $199 (originally $865)

Peyton - $159 (originally $895)

Starlet Pump - $99 (originally $895)

Bejo - $89 (originally $450)

Malika - $69 (originally $325) - mine were in gold but sold out

Mercada - $69 (originally $350)

Gracey - $109 (originally $550) - I'm dying over these!

Bellaria - $99 (originally $550)

Claudelle - $59 (originally $295)

Bella - $99 (originally $225)

Theodora - $99 (originally $1495) - Please someone snatch this up!!!  How gorgeous!

Sorry I've been MIA this week.  I spent all day at the doctor with Baby Girl.  She's sick with her usual every little cold settles in her chest nonsense.  We've been up every night with her during her coughing fits.  It's like we have a newborn again.  This mama is worn slap out.  We're climbing up the specialist chain and seeing a Pulmonologist next Monday.  Wish us luck.

Yesterday morning I ran around like a crazy person trying to get the house perfect for a showing at 12:45.  I literally worked the entire morning.  They called at noon to cancel due to the impending "snow storm".  I may hurt someone before this process is all over with.  

Speaking of "snow storm", everyone either missed or got out early from school yesterday.  It didn't do a darn thing until early this morning.  This is what happens in Charleston when icy substances fall from the sky.  Four fallen tree soldiers and counting.  Ugabuga.  

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I'm worried about my lack of winter gear for my NYC trip next week.  It's seriously cold and there's going to be tons of snow.  I'm going to freeze my booty off!!!


  1. Leon needs to go home. The Besame Contour Pump is sexyyyyyy.

  2. So sorry to hear that your daughter is still not feeling better. I hope the specialist has some idea to get that girl well ASAP!

  3. You need a parka for NYC!! :-) LOVE those shoes. I would be 6'6 in most of them though. #tallgirlproblems

  4. Atlanta is pure chaos right now because of the snow and ice. That Besame pump is amazing!!

  5. Um those shoes are so stupid inexpensive. What the!? Love, love the first black pair and the leopard wedges. Get 'em!

  6. That shoe sale is amazing! Thanks for sharing. Yes you need some serious winter clothes! The wind is killer there! Stay warm.

  7. will you please take me to NYFW with you;)

  8. Poor baby girl! That stinks. Did they give her a blood test to check her upper respiratory antibodies? Every time my daughter got a cold it would settle in her chest and she'd cough like crazy. Turned out she had no antibodies and they gave her the pneumonia shot and it really helped. Just a thought.
    I'll hook you up with some warm winter gear. I can't believe it's going to almost be 80 here today!


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