Thursday, January 16, 2014

Favorite Neighbors

We are having an uber lazy pajama day at home since school is out...again...for "Winter Break."  Ummmmmm they just had 2 1/2 weeks off for the Holidays.  Baby Girl has been to school a total of 2 days since the Holiday break because we had the no snow snow day last week.  We're paying for school that always seems closed.  I'm feeling annoyed times 1000.  These "off" days seem to drag on forever.  I need normalcy and a schedule ASAP!  Okay.  Enough complaining.

Yesterday after lunching with my girls, Natalie (and gorgeous baby Frances) and Caycee, I scored a rock star parking spot in front of two of my favorite neighboring stores on King Street...J.Crew and Anthropologie.

It was meant to be....

You should never ignore good karma....

I can justify just about anything when it comes to shopping....

These were my favorite finds of the day.  

The J.Crew neon coral blouse is so much prettier and brighter in person.  If they would have had my size, I would have bought it in a heartbeat.  

I tried on the Anthropologie swing tunics and fell in love.  They are so soft and comfy.  They would transition perfectly into spring.  

All of the dresses are so flattering and look much more expensive than they actually cost.  Those maxis are TDF!

The belts at Anthropologie are breathtaking.  There are endless possibilities for styling those beauties!  How gorgeous would they be with those maxi dresses?!

p.s. Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I haven't started running at all.  Not one single step.  I'm blaming it on being sick, lack of school, and my just plain slothness.  Ugh.  Next week.  Maybe.


  1. Loving those dresses and the Anthro belts. Bet baby F. is even more adorable in person! Hopefully a normal schedule is in your near future :)

  2. I do love those Anthro belts!! I may need to swing by one. :-)

  3. ANthro is always filled with such goodies. I have a few tops on my mind....Don't beat yourself up about running...its so hard to do all your things when there is no school. I need like a full week of school to get back on track on everything....There is always tomorrow.

  4. I had to drag myself past J.crew today at the mall... it all looked sooo pretty and I'm trying so hard not to spend this month! Super annoying about baby girl's school- don't blame you for being mad at all

  5. Great finds! I have been meaning to go to J.Crew. And yes in Charleston scoring a prime parking spot is some sort of miracle not to be ignored.


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