Monday, January 13, 2014

Hits and Misses at the Golden Globes 2014

So who stayed up past their bedtime and watched the Golden Globes with me?  We switched back and forth because we had to see Downton Abbey, but otherwise, I was cheering for Breaking Bad, American Hustle, House of Cards, and all of my other favorite winners!  Who has seen this Brooklyn Nine Nine show that took home a few unexpected trophies?  What have I been missing?  Looks like we're going to have to add another show to our repertoire.  I'm really running out of DVR space.  Damn those TV networks with amazing shows.

As always, I mainly watch the award shows to see all of the celebs in their finest and not so finest.  Here are my official judgments from the evening.  


Sandra Bullock - I know there's a ton of mixed reviews circulating about this dress today.  I think you either love or hate it.  I think it's perfection as usual. This was my #1 favorite of the night. It's so flattering, so unique, so freaking awesome.  Can she be any more amazing?

Margot Robbie - She's a rookie but nailed the look like a pro!  Gorgeousness.

Lupita Nyong'o - Who?  It doesn't matter.  She nailed the dress.  It reminds me of Gwyneth Paltrow's white Tom Ford dress from 2012.

Kate Beckinsale - Wowzas is all I have to say about her.  She just gets prettier every year.  Biotch.

Zosia Mamet - This classic black and white gown will always be in style.

Kate Mara - I love her because she's on "House of Cards", and I love her because she's wearing this dress.  Own it sister.


Paula Patton - Ugh.  This reminds me of Bjork's swan dress from 2001.  You know the one I'm talking about....

Heidi Klum - Is it just me or has she been striking out a lot lately? Auf Wiedersehen fraulein.

J Law - Don't hate me for this, but I really didn't like her dress.  I think she can do much better.

Julia Roberts - Boring.  I guess we'll always wish she was still rocking her gorgeous black and white Valentino from 2008.  Bit of advice Julia, don't do black and white any more. It's never going to measure up.

Emma Stone - This is the worst thing I've ever seen this beauty wear.  Hello potato sack.

Berenice Bejo - I don't know who she is, but I don't like her gown.  Not at all.  This looks like a DIY gown gone very very wrong.

Caitlin Fitzgerald - I don't watch the show, but she's from "Masters of Sex".  Masters of Heinous is more like it. Yikes.

Zoe Saldana - Girl, fire your stylist.  Immediately!

Just Plain Crazy and a Little Scary:

Diane Keaton - Not for what she was wearing.  We all know she can rock a tux better than most of the men in the audience.  I like her natural gray hair, and the glasses are cool.  Though, it would be nice to see her in a dress every now and then.  She scared me with her speech and song.  It was a train wreck.  I couldn't look away.  She was accepting a huge award on behalf of Woody Allen, who I guess was to busy to be there himself?!  He did marry his own daughter.  So there's that....

Who were your favorites and fails of the evening?  Do you agree with my assessment?

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  I'm sitting here on Monday morning with about 3 decent hours of sleep under my belt.  It seems that my recurring insomnia is paying me a little visit again.  Perfect.  Just what I wanted.  From 1 - 2 am I watched two episodes of Girls.  I've never seen the show before and am on the fence about whether or not I like it.  Any thoughts on the show?  


  1. Love the recap! I too thought Sandra Bullock looked great, and also didn't care for Jennifer's dress!

  2. TRUTH about the hits and the misses. If only Jules took off that horrible Oxford. Girls is like an awkward trainwreck, but after a few episodes I was hooked. It's definitely a love-it-or-hate-it kinda show!

  3. Brooklin Nine-Nine is hit or miss IMO. We watch it every now and then and sometimes it's funny, sometimes I just can't get into it! I agree with all of the above on the fashion!

  4. I hated that whole speech about Woody Allen and had to change the channel!! Diane K. Looks scary skinny but her hair is amazing that way.

  5. Hahaha this whole thing cracked me up. Julia looks like she can't decide if she's going to a business meeting or prom. And umm can we talk about what's going on behind Kate Mara? That lady's face/dress/shoes ummmm

  6. Oh Emma Stone. That one made me sad. I loved Sandra's dress and wasn't really feeling Jennifer Lawrence's either. Did you see Olivia Wilde? Holy green goddess!! And pregnant too.

  7. Love House of Cards, it is one of my favorite shows of all time. I think Sofia Vengara (sp?) was best dressed!


  8. I love Kate Beckinsdale- she really rocked it. I wish Sanda's dress has only been 2 colors instead of 3 but did love the style. Other than that I wasn't really impressed with anyone. Olivia Wilde did look good for being pregnant though

  9. I love that bloggers are posting the fashion from the Golden Globes because I had to work last night and could't watch it. I really do wonder how these peoples stylists let them leave. Who in their right mind would let Julia Roberts step out of the house in that?! Margot Robbie looks awesome and I loved her in Wolf of Wall Street.

  10. Julia Roberts dress would have been fine if she left that shirt at home!! LOL

  11. Ok I just spent like a loooong time reading previous posts that I missed....I adore your home!! Seeing snippets in the fall festival and your bedroom and banquette sitting area in the next post was so inspiring. You have a beautiful home. I love the ugly gourd are so creative! As for the dresses here...I did like Sandra Bullock's...and my favorite was Cate Blanchette. She is so fabulous!


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