Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year's Report Card and More

Hello and Happy New Year my friends!  My long lost friends!  

I definitely took my full Christmas break this year!  It was nice, I'm not gonna lie.  I had intentions of posting last week, but procrastination, kids, and other obligations got the best of me.  

Let's play a quick game of catch up!


It was a quiet, restful, laid back Christmas this year.  We spent most of the time playing, relaxing, and eating.  We took a quick trip to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.  We even stopped at the Zoo in Columbia on our way home.  I got some great loot from Santa, including a Nikon D5100 and a cozy white faux fur throw I've been wrapped up in every single day.

Anthropologie Faux Fur Throw
Baby Girl racked up big time with a red convertible Mercedes Benz.

New Year's....

I was sick the entire week and was in bed asleep by 10pm on New Year's Eve.  Womp womp. The three of us did get to enjoy a delicious meal at The Granary that night.  

My stepkids arrived on the second and we had another Christmas and New Year's celebration with them that day.  I'm still under the weather and am ready to get 2014 pointed in the right direction!!!

Onto the obligatory New Year's Resolutions/Goals/Whatever you want to call them....

1.  I'm up 10 pounds from my goal weight.  That's so no bueno.  I just feel blah and gross.  My plan is to EAT HEALTHIER and LEARN HOW TO RUN.  I purchased the Nutribullet and am making a healthy shake with greens and fruit every morning for breakfast.  I plan to cut out bread as much as possible and lay off the junk food. My first few days of shakes have been yummy and though I'm ravenous by lunchtime, they do fill me up enough in the morning.

Nutribullet Pro
My ultimate goal is to run (more like slowly jog in the back of the pack) the Cooper River Bridge Run in April.  I've lived here for 10 years and have never participated in it.  That's just plain shameful.  I would love to get a basic treadmill to learn how to run.  This may sound crazy, but I seriously don't know how.  I get shin splints every time I attempt and have an asthma attack in the first 30 seconds.  I have a long road ahead of me. Literally.

2.  I plan to spend more one-on-one time with Baby Girl involving LEARNING ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES.  We will play with more puzzles and educational toys, make more arts and crafts, and start using ABC Mouse for literacy skills.  

3.  I would love to take a PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE with my new camera.  I really want to learn how to use all of its bells and whistles!  

4.  Baby Girl is still not POTTY TRAINED.  She's made it into a battle of wills.  Ugh. I'm losing.  My goal is to have her trained by the summer.  Please don't judge. Potty training sucks with a strong-willed child.  I've honestly tried everything.  

Looking back at my 2013 goals, I didn't do so hot on my Long Term resolutions.  That's why I dread making them every year.   Here's my report card: 

Short Term:
1.  Take down all Christmas decorations by Saturday....  Done.

2.  Clean out my closet, give away old/work clothes, and organize everything kept by our trip in March.  (I know that seems far away for such a basic task, but this thing has gotten out of control.  It's even too shameful to share a picture.) Done but not by March.
3.  Organize the cabinet under my bathroom sink by March.  Nope though I did organize my nail polish collection.
4.  Organize the kitchen food pantry by March.  I did a little bit at a time, but it's not near as organized as it should be.

Long Term:
1.  Dedicate at least 2 hours per day of complete undivided, unplugged attention to Baby Girl.  Mama has become a little too attached to her iPhone and MacBook.  Sadly, I don't think I accomplished this.  I have to put these dumb machines down!!!

2.  Exercise for at least 30 minutes 3x/week while Baby Girl is napping.  I'm busting out the Jane Fonda tapes!  Maybe I'll start slow and easy with a little "Sweatin To the Oldies."  Not even close but I did start a weekly adult ballet class in September and am very loyal.  I love it!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because we haven't had school or extra-curricular activities for 3 whole, long, weeks and Baby Girl's preschool just canceled school for tomorrow due to weather.  Ummmmmmmm.  It's not supposed to snow.  Not even rain.  It's just going to be cold.  Seriously people?!  It will be okay.  This is not a public school.  We are actually paying for this.  I'm outraged.  Ugh.


  1. All great goals! I'm also hopping on the eat healthy and exercise more train. Sadly, I haven't even begun yet. But tomorrow, right!? Love the throw and good luck with the camera. We have a Cannon and I've had such a hard time learning it.


  2. Baby Girl has a nicer car than me! I love that you said "learn to run" because this is embarrassing to say but I have never ran in my life. Besides if someone is chasing after me. Pathetic I know. I feel ya on the 10 lbs weight gain. Thank god for New Years to give us a kick in the arse!

  3. You freaking make me laugh!!
    Right there with you on the ten pounds.
    The Granery! Heard so many great things! Cannot wait to try it!
    I agree 100% on canceling preschool tomorrow! The twins go to private preschool also. Boo! It is not even forecasted (a word?) to rain! Ugh ugh ugh!

  4. You can totally do the CRBR! I did it a couple of years ago without ever having run 6 miles straight in my life and I ran the entire thing! It's amazing what a lot of people around will do for your running ;-) I want to do it this year, but I will be 8 mos prego, so um no...but next year, def. I plan to train for a half after I get this bebe out!

  5. Ok...hate me for a sec but I mean well...swap out that vanilla chob for plain and you will save a BUNCH of sugar/cals. I know you also buy it for Baby Girl but if you want it for smoothies that your'e already adding fruit to, plain is just as good! And if you want that vanilla flavor you can always add extract. :) As far as running goes, I'll help you any way I can! Questions or tips, lemme know! If you're getting shin splints, it could be from ill-fitting shoes or from not stretching. I used to get them so bad until I started wearing the right sneakers. I love love love my brooks! Start out slow; your body will totally adapt if you are consistent. Good luck!

  6. Disconnect from my iPhone? Not comprehending. Lose weight? I hear ya. Exercise. what?
    Happy New Year!

  7. Good luck with your goals for this year! It can be so hard!

  8. Love the giftage and goals. I think I need you to style me after seeing the countless Ivey looks that are so stinking cute. And I want her Merecedes in a big girl size please.

  9. I am dying over how cute Ivey is in the car! I bet she loves zipping around the house in that car!


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