Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Book Slump

I was in a rough book slump a few months ago.  Thank goodness I can get free book samples on my Kindle to try out before I commit to buying a book.  I read about 5 samples and hated every single one of them.  I was so bummed because I love to read, but just couldn't find anything that was holding my interest. 

And just like that, I was over the slump.

I've been reading every night like a fiend.  

I've found some amazing books that I can't put down.  Not even at 1 in the morning.  

Here they are in no particular order.  These are must reads, my friends!  

This is a story about true love surviving the horrors of Nazi prison camps.  You know the ending from the beginning.  It's how they get there that will keep you turning the pages.  It's a tear jerker so have some tissues close by.

This is a fun, guilty pleasure, will they get caught kind of book.  It will definitely get your heart racing during these cold, winter nights!  If you liked "Gone Girl ", you will enjoy "The Silent Wife"!

I have cold chills just thinking about this book.  Rarely does a book actually touch or inspire me.  I usually just read for entertainment and to wind down at night.  "Keeping Faith",  however, spoke to me.  It made me want to work harder and deeper at my faith.  It may have even inspired a life change.

Into suspense thrillers?  This is a good one!  It's a little creepy but won't give you nightmares.  It's definitely a nice change from the usual love story dramas.

What better place for two amazing magicians to fall in love than a magical circus that's only open at night?  This is a such a unique, magical, creative story.  Everyone should read it!

I hands down, 100% recommend the Kindle . You can download free samples and buy books at 1 in the morning like I do.  It's instant gratification.  Kindle books are almost always less expensive than books in print.  Plus, if you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you get access to new releases for a discount and a free book a month (plus free 2-day shipping on Amazon and other amazing benefits).

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I'm still freaking sick.  I've had a temperature of over 100 degrees for the past 9 days.  My symptoms are improving but my cough is making me crazy.  It keeps me from falling asleep and wakes me up at night.  I hate to admit this but I've lived here for 10 years and don't have a primary care physician.  I just use my girl crush OB-GYN and go to the doc in the box when desperate.  I need to bite the bullet, find a doctor, and get to the bottom of this!!!


  1. Bless your heart< still sick?? You may need some hard liquor to kill those germs or a good doctor:) Thank you so much for the book recs I have been a reading machine lately. I am working on a post too of books I have read lately. Right now I am reading Jodi Piculots The Story Teller- a little slow start but it is picking up. I will let you know how it is when I finish. Love my Kindle so much downloadig keeping the faith next!

  2. I can't believe you don't have a Dr when your own husbands one! Silly girl! I'm so glad you posted these books. I've been looking for a new one to read after The Husband's Secret and can't find one! I have Me Before You I need to start but it's the starting part that's the hardest! I hope you don't have the flu. It's been bad this year. We've had a lot sick middle age ppl. It's not the old farts getting it it's the young ppl.

  3. I was totally over Jodi Picoult then I read "the story teller" it is probably one of my best books to date. It was haunting and stuck with me, I highly highly recommend it. I am doing a book post today if I can get my act together or tomorrow!!

  4. Sweet! I am so in need of some good reads. I simply can not fall asleep at night if I don't read for a bit.

    As for you my friend, put down the books and make an appoint with a real doctor so you can finally get better!!!

  5. I look forward to doing more reading on my Kindle when I start BFing this new baby in May!

  6. I just finished Serena by Ron Rash for my book club, not the best book, but it kept me intrigued!
    And I have lived here over 11 years and still don't have a primary care physician! Why is it so hard to make that choice?? Hope you are feeling better soon!

  7. I was in the same book slump for months too. I hated it! There's nothing more exciting to me than getting lost in a good book. Ok, yeah there are other exciting things, let's be honest, but a good book makes me so happy. I just got out of my slump 2 nights ago with the book Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Andersen. She wrote my very favorite young adult book Speak. The Lost Wife is one of my favorites as well. So glad you read that. I was hysterical at the end! Feel better soon!

  8. Thanks for book recommendations. I LOVED Night Circus!

  9. Thanks for the book rec's. I've had the same 900-pager way too long, but when done I will definiely refer to this. Jodi Picoults are always good reads!

  10. Yo babe your husbands a doctor.... use and abuse his talents ;) I wish I liked to read, but I HATE it, what's wrong with me? I sure hope you get better soon mama!! xoxo

  11. I love my primary care physician. She is very thorough! Let me know if you would like her contact info. Feel better!

  12. I've been looking to switch from the thrillers and romance novels, this is great! Thanks for sharing!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  13. I am so sorry you are still sick! Hoping you feel better soon! What a great feature on the kindle. I hate when I cannot get into a book. Glad you are over your slump

  14. Thank you! I needed some good book recommendations. The last two that I read were not very good (what Alice forgot and Orange is the new black)...I need something to get me back on you have some good classic recommendations? I was wanting to find a good classic I haven't read yet. I need the actual kindle for me...yet!


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