Sunday, March 2, 2014

For the Record

For the record, I'm changing my Oscar vote before it airs.

We caught up on some of the nominated films this weekend to be better prepared for Sunday night.

We watched "August: Osage County" and "Dallas Buyers Club".   "August" was a horribly depressing movie with a terrible ending, but Meryl Streep gave the performance of a lifetime.  Watch it for her.  

"Dallas" blew me away.  Matthew McConaughey will go down in the Hollywood Hall of Fame for this performance.  It was riveting and moved me to tears.  I didn't even recognize Jared Leto for the first 30 minutes of the movie and wondered when he was going to appear.  Then I realized that he had transformed himself beyond recognition.  Wow.  This is a must see for both of their performances.

Here are my votes:

Best Actress:  Meryl Streep

Best Actor:  Matthew McConaughey

Supporting Actress:  Jennifer Lawrence

Supporting Actor:  Jared Leto

Best Film:  Not sure so sticking with "American Hustle" but I think there are several strong contenders!

I'll be back with my fashion review after the show.  Enjoy the Oscars friends!!!


  1. My support goes to Meryl Streep & Matthew McConaughey! Love them both.

  2. I have got to watch Dallas Buyer Club especially now that it won for everything. Also is it weird I find Jared Leto's long locks incredibly sexy. Like I was drooling over him last night!

  3. I have not seen 1 movie that was nominated, I hardly ever go to the movies!! I saw your sweet pictures of prom, I did that a couple years ago for the junior league

  4. I loved Dallas Buyers Club- we watched it Friday night and I'm so glad I got to see it before the Oscars because I really thought that Jared and Matthew both deserved to win

  5. Dallas Buyers Club was fantastic - so happy Matthew and Jared won. Watch 12 Years a Slave if you haven't already! Phenomenal.


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