Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mexican Motivation

Things have gotten a bit out of control in the weight department.  I haven't weighed this much since I was very very very pregnant with Baby Girl.  That's so so so sad.  

This is my plan to lose the extra fluff and not have to wear a giant mumu over my bathing suit this summer....

1.  I am so amazed and inspired by Megan from Honey We're Healthy.  She has worked hard and looks like a supermodel.  Those abs.  Oh my. They're amazing.   She swears by doing daily planks and is up to 3 minutes.  I'm taking that tip and running with it.  I can only do about 90 seconds before I pass out, but I will work my way up to 3 minutes, I just know it.

2.  I just signed up to participate in the #1800MinuteChallenge with Erin from Living In Yellow.  It's a great, totally obtainable goal of doing 1800 minutes of physical activity in a total of 60 days (April 1st through May 31st).  That averages out to about 30 minutes a day.  No problemo.  I can handle it.  

3.  I'm signed up for the Cooper River Bridge Run, my first 10K.  I plan on walk/jogging the majority of it, but even that is going to be a challenge.  I have exactly 12 days until the big day.  Yikes.  I need to procrastinate less and pound the pavement more.

4.  I'm cutting out bread and as much gluten as possible during the week.  I'm trying to make better choices at mealtimes.   I'm decreasing my portion sizes and drinking more water.

5.  You may want to sit down for this one.  I'm giving up wine during the week as of today.  I know, I know.  It's a tragedy.  I actually lost weight when I got pregnant due to the lack of daily BMJ.  I don't need the extra calories and I'm permitting myself to drink a few glasses over the weekends.  I think I can, I think I can....

This is how I'm going to stay motivated:

We're going to Mexico in June.  I want to feel confident about being in a bathing suit in these gorgeous pools and on this gorgeous beach.  

Speaking of bathing suits, one of these would make a wonderful reward if I reach my goal!

And if I do a really good job and become a planking pro, maybe one of these will work:

(I love this one.  It's sort of like a cross-over between a bikini and tankini!)

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because we've had a potty training set-back over the past week.  Baby Girl's antibiotics are giving her diarrhea and she's having a hard time making it to the toilet.  The worst part is that she doesn't want to get in trouble for having an accident, so she doesn't tell me when it happens.  Gross.  Maddening.  Ugh.  Why am I giving up wine during the week again? 


  1. I'll join you! We are going to Mexico in July, Grande Palladium playa del Carmen. I'll try the planking thing too! But the no wine during the week is tough, I have 1 glass of red wine when I put the boys down to decompress and get my antioxidants.

  2. Ugh, I need to get my ass in gear, too! We can do this!!

  3. Playa Mujeres is gorgeous! That whole area is. Perk and I have been a few times. Ooh lala! Good luck!!

  4. LOVEE the one piece! Summer snuck up on me too - i have to get my butt into gear! So jealous of your Mexico vacation!

  5. I so wish I could do the bridge run this year! I hate missing it. That Mara Hoffman suit is fabulous. She can do no wrong in my book.

  6. Wow, I didn't realize the bridge run was so close. Good for you for signing up! I bet that will empower you to keep running after too. $5 breaks my heart but I totally get it. That's the first thing I cut back on when trying to lose weight bc ugh...sadly it works. So no cocktails at lunch? Ha

  7. You can do it!! I love those swimsuits. You know what I've always done is go back to Weight Watchers. I've lost 12 pounds since January!! I needed to. You can do it too!

  8. Hate to tell you, but just giving up the alcohol during the week has knocked 5 pounds off my frame in 3 weeks. You can do it :) And the Mara Hoffman bikini is worth it!

  9. I have been thinking everything you are saying in this post! I was going through my closet over the weekend and trying on shorts and could not believe how tight they've gotten from last summer. Ugghhh! I am trying to eat clean, workout every day and also, alas, give up wine during the week. After my body gets over the initial shock hopefully it will start to firm up!

  10. Epp! Summer/bathing suits are definitely my biggest motivator! :)

    AJ | www.TheAJMinute.com

  11. I cannot wait to get back in shape after this baby. Megan at HWH is doing a great job. Don't worry about the CRBR - it was my first 10K a couple of years ago and I ended up running the entire thing! Just paced myself. It's amazing how being around that many runners motivates you. Wish I could do it this year! Good luck on your journey - I'll jump in with you come May/June!

  12. good luck with your fitness goals! as hard as it is to give up alcohol it does make it easier to keep off weight -- i know for me when i drink i crave EVERY bad thing...and I dont have a ton of self control. and then when i wake up hungover i just want to eat more.

    as for working out try to mix things up -- i take a variety of classes through the week and that keeps things from getting boring and it's made a difference in how my clothes fit. I love yoga, pilates, barre and a weight lifting class.

    xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  13. No wine during the week!? Eek. Good luck! I love the Nanette Lepore "St. Etienne Seductress" One-Piece!

    But I know you will be in one of those cute bikinis by Mexico.

    Good luck in the bridge run. I still haven't done that, might be a good reason for a visit next year :)

  14. I like the seductress bathing suit....maybe it has to do with the name too :) Mexico is a good motivator anytime! And I know you can do it. I find that reducing carbs like you say really helps in curbing appetite...its hard for the first few days but then your body calms down and the system stops asking you for food. ANd yes, you will lose weight without the wine....easy. I never drink wine during the week because of this....I gain instant weight when I have even just a glass....i think I have a sensitive system. I'm so excited to see you so motivated. Do it!

  15. I missed this post! You can do it!!!! Avoiding carbs is death for me! I am abt five pounds shy of being huge also. I know how you feel!

  16. You got this girl. Good for you for giving up the bread and stay strong on the no BMJ. I know when I was having my nightly beverage my weight would.not.budge. And I was eating pretty clean too, ugh. You will be rocking those suits for Mexico!!


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