Friday, March 14, 2014

National Wine Week

How did I miss this?  It's National Wine Week and I'm just now finding out about it at the end of the week!  Thank goodness I've been drinking my nightly wine in honor of it.  I'm sure you have too!  

Let's talk all things wine so we can say we participated.

1.  If we had a worldwide wine shortage and I could only pick one wine....  If I was stranded on a desert island and could only bring one thing....  If I was in charge of awarding the best wine of all times, it would be....  Whispering Angel Rose

2.  One of my first world problems is fitting the wine bottle back in the fridge with that giant honking cork sticking out of the bottle.  Sometimes it's just too tall and I want to throw a tantrum.  I found these little life savers and my problem was solved.  They're cute too!

3.  I just saw this the other day and vowed to order some.  If it's as good as I'm dreaming it is, we're going to have a huge problem.  Wine ice cream?  I die.

4.  I love my wine, and I'll drink it out of any old vessel.  I'm not picky.  When we drink out of our nice, expensive wine glasses, I do feel a little more classy and somehow the wine tastes a little better.  I bet it would taste like heaven on earth in these. They keep your wine at the perfect temperature because they're made of diamonds and borosilicate glass and fused at 1200 degrees Celcius.  The diamond in the center is literally perfect.  $4000 each.  No biggie.

5.  Confused about which glass to use?  Here's a nifty little chart that you can wear to your next dinner party.  It's a hostess's dream!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I'm having a girls' night tonight downtown with some old friends from Charleston and some friends I've never met in person and only known through blogging.  How exciting!  What in the world should I wear?!  Happy weekend friends!


  1. that chart is serious business. imagine if we had alllllll those glasses? i really like the burgundy glasses but i never drink burgundy. but like you, i'll drink out of any vessel. no judgment. i'll never forget when my grandmother, a very classy wine lover, drank white wine out of a solo cup. she said "it'll do the same thing no matter what cup i use." excellent.

  2. WINE Week?! What?! How did I not hear about this? Thank you so much for informing me. I am wine tasting tonight, so it is perfect!

    And I REALLY dislike you for telling me about that wine ice cream! (kidding of course) I have such a weakness for ice cream already...

    Have fun tonight! You will wear something fabulous and perfect as per usual!

  3. Oh you are having a blate tonight??? That sounds like so much fun!!!! I really need to try that wine ice cream.

  4. Love that wine chart! I haven't had any wine this week. I drank waaaaay too much last weekend and my liver needed at least 4 days to recover. I'm all over some tonight! :-)

  5. Happy wine week!! I did miss it officially but luckily I did drink enough wine to enjoy it :)

  6. I need to try the rose! And it was great meeting! Loved hearing more about you!


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