Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wine Wednesday - Las Rocas

I've come to a realization about my blog.  I just don't talk about wine enough.  Yes, I mention at the end of every post the reason I need to drink wine each day, but still....  The blog's name is Baby Mama Juice for goodness sake.  

Baby Mama Juice = Wine

From now on, we're going to be having "Wine Wednesdays."  It's going to be everything and anything about wine.  Have a question about wine?  Ask and I will do my best to find the answer.  I will share all of my favorites and try new ones out for you.  We may even try to get educated up in here.

I realize that I've made some promises before about trying new wines, etc.  I've fulfilled all of my promises, but never wrote about them.  Bad, bad blogger.  

I picked up a new wine to go with my homemade chili last night.  It's a Spanish Rose called  "Los Rocas."  It's a bit darker than I usually go with Rose, but I thought what the heck.  It was on sale for under $15 (I try to stay in the $10-$15 range for guinea pig wines).  

It's made from 100% Garnacha, which is a common red grape found in warm, dry climates like Spain.

My chili is thick, hearty, and a tad spicy.  The wine had flowery notes at first, but finished with a nice, mineral taste and a hint of spice.  It had enough body to compliment the chili and ended up being a great pairing.

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because we're participating in a group open house this Saturday afternoon.  Ugh.  There goes my free, fun Saturday.  


  1. Um, first, that picture of Ivey is hilarious. What a helpful child she is :) Love the new WW theme. Can't wait to see more of what you try out!

  2. Love wine Wednesdays! The color of that Rose is so pretty!

  3. Oh this sounds good- I've been on a Rose kick lately- will have to give this one a try!


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