Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wine Wednesday

With these gorgeous warm sunny days we've been having lately (I deeply apologize if you are reading this and live someplace that hasn't warmed up yet.  It will soon.), I've had a one track mind.

Rose Wine!

I know I talked about a Rose last week on Wine Wednesday but I found an amazing one and I just had to share.  

Last Friday I was craving leek and potato soup so we took a family outing to Southern Season to pick up an immersion blender.  It's officially my new favorite kitchen toy!

I was so excited because they carry Miraval Rose (Brangelina's amazingly delicious wine) and I had my taste buds prepped and ready for it!  To my dismay, they were sold out of Miraval, but the friendly wine department expert suggested this L'Ostal Cazes Rose.  It's $12 of bliss in a bottle!

It was so light and dry.  I could have finished off the bottle in one sitting.  I didn't, I promise.

It's made from Grenache and Syrah/Shiraz grapes.  It's from the French Languedoc region.  I totally need to go there one day.  

When selecting a Rose, I almost always go for the very light peach color like this one.  They are perfection!  Try one!  Promise you'll love it!

In case you have a hankering for delicious homemade leek and potato soup, we used this recipe.  We used rosemary focaccia, duck bacon (from Southern Season) heirloom tomatoes, lettuce, and Laughing Cow cheese spread for the sandwiches.  It was food heaven!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I'm breaking all the rules today and wearing white jeans.  It's only March.  I was dying to wear them, so I did.  And I'm in the South.  And I was taught that's a no no.  Oh well.  I feel great in them and I'm not following that silly rule any more.  Do you break the no white before Easter rule too?

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  1. I LOVE the Brangelina Rose! Thanks for the Rose suggestions. That soup looks delicious.

  2. Thanks so much for your wine recommendations! Love the white look amazing! I am in one of those places that still has snow on the ground as I write this, but the sun is shining bright!

  3. I am wearing my white jeans with pride today! I think those rules are out the window! I say once it's warm, wear them. Besides, Easter is so late this year. By the time it rolls around, it will be too HOT for jeans in Charleston. I love a good rose'! Can't wait to try! My immersion blender is one of my favorite appliances too. I have the cuisinart one. The soup and sandwich look yummy! Duck bacon? BAM!

  4. all about the winter white! it looks great!

  5. Yumm-o dinner! I'm CRAVING my white jeans. But would it be the biggest no-no of all to wear them to CHSFW next Thursday?? Thoughts?

  6. Phooey on no white rules! When you live where we do I think those rules are made to be broken! ;)
    That soup looks great, it's now on my "to make" list!

  7. Yum! I'd love to break the no white rule, but it's so engraved in my psyche I don't think I could! Those jeans look great though!

  8. That soup looks incredible - maybe I need an immersion blender to hang out with my food processor that I am too scared to learn to use? Jealous of your warm temps - we had ONE day where it was 70. ONE. I'd be wearing white jeans if I had some right this second (cold weather be damned!) You rocked em!


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