Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Round Here

My sweetest Baby Girl danced her heart out in her first official dance recital on Saturday.  I won the horrible mother award because she was miserable and sick and I still made her go.  She was fine once she got on the stage.  That baby is a natural born star! Such stage presence!  Look at that form on her arabesque!


I made it to the S.P.F. charity fashion show last Thursday night, pouring rain and all.  I met some sweet new friends and had yummy snacks at one of my favorite wine bars, Bin 152, afterwards.  I wore some fun new pants and had several compliments and questions about them so I linked them for you.  I'm wearing a small for size reference.  They are so comfortable and cute, I think I'm going to order another pattern!


I discovered a new, favorite home store in Charleston.  It's called Jeffrey Bannon and I could have spent a million dollars there.  Don't worry Mr. BMJ, I only dropped half a million!  I picked up this gorge necklace and these adorable fish salt and pepper shakers for the kitchen table.  He carries the most beautiful home and kitchen goods.  I want a do-over on my wedding registry!

For all of you locals, stop by this Thursday night for drinks and apps to celebrate the store's 2 year anniversary!  Check out all of the loveliness that Jeffrey has going on in there and get 20% off your purchase!


I've been all over the place in dealing with my feelings about my diagnosis.  I'm covering all of the stages of grief and right now I'm in the depression stage.  I've had a rough few days and am feeling bad physically and mentally.  

My sweet friend, Amy, sent me an e-mail a few weeks ago with a daily devotion.  It spoke to me so much that I signed up.  I receive an e-mail a day with a personal story and related scripture.  It's like they're speaking directly to me.  It has been applicable to being a mother, going through a hard time, and having strength.  Today's devotion was "You're Stronger Than You Think."

You should sign up if this sounds like something you would like!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because my second Carmen Marc Valvo couture gown came in the mail.  It's even more spectacular than I remembered.  I'm saving it for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society Ball on June 6th.  Only a few weeks away.  I need to schedule a hair and make-up session for the big event!


  1. yes, love those pants!! i love the idea of a daily devotion. i've been thinking of you a lot and sending virtual hugs!

  2. You will LOVE Proverbs 31 Devotions. They are amazing, perfect, and right there in your inbox every morning.

  3. Loveee your Boca Leche pants!! Are they not the most comfortable things ever? I want to get another pair too. Baby Girl is headed to Hollywood.... she's precious!

  4. Your lil' lady is adorable. Just realize the stages are a normal part of coping and conquering. Give yourself some space and "permission" to get through them, realizing that they may resurface from time to time. You are a strong lady and you have got this.

  5. Can't wait to see your gorgeous gown. I'm sorry that you are struggling. I will sign up for those devotions. I need them too. I've been so crabby and out of sorts lately...

    Hang in there Mama!

  6. You are strong and fabulous! I cannot wait to see pictures of you looking gorgeous in your gown! My friend Austin is up for LLS Man of the Year to be announced at the Ball!

    P.S. that store is right by my apartment complex and I have never been in! I will need to stop by before I leave.

  7. America's Got Talent just called. Ivey already won by default. Kid couldn't get any freaking cuter! Chin up - I love when you read something that just speaks to you. I need to check out these emails so thank you for sharing! XX

  8. Baby Girl is THE cutest thing - such talent! I need those pants in my life stat -- they look bump friendly? Maybe a size up? All I know is stretchy waist bands = bliss. Sorry you're going through a tough time right now...it's OK to let yourself feel bad. Nothing lasts forever, including the bad times. I will def. check out the devotions, they sound very helpful!

  9. We just had our daughter's dance recital a few weekends back and I was quite emotional! I couldn't believe I was tearing up so much. So happy for your sweet little girl - looks like she had fun :)


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