Thursday, May 8, 2014

When In Chicago...Eat Stuffed Pizza

Hey there long lost friendlies!  Let's play catch up.

I've been jet setting to and from Chicago since we last talked.  It was a good change of scenery and we had nice quality couple time.

We ate a ton, stayed up way past our bedtimes, and froze our bums off.  

Apparently Chicago forgot that May = Spring = Warm.  Instead, with the wind chill, the high was around 43 degrees.  Since I'm a thin blooded, warm air loving Southerner, those temps seriously hindered my enjoyment of the trip.

We flew in on Friday.  We had a very long, rough trip in from the airport so we ordered some tasty welcome treats to enjoy in front of the fireplace.  Yes, our amazingly gorgeous and spacious room had a fireplace.  It was heaven.

We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria Chicago (formerly The Elysian).  We stayed there 4 years ago and I swear it's now even more gorgeous than before.  

I'm a non-recovering hotel snob.  I admit it and I'm not ashamed.  I give this one a solid 5 stars.

We walked down a few blocks and had dinner at the Luxbar.  I had the Luxburger and it was one of the best cheeseburgers I've ever eaten. I ate the entire thing.  It was a double patty, cheese, sautéed onions, and pickles.  OMG I'm hungry just thinking about it.  Mr. BMJ ordered the giant slice of Snickers pie.  We barely made a dent in it despite its deliciousness. 

Saturday was a jam packed, crazy day.  We went to a Cubs game, took a nap, went to eat a huge Italian dinner at Trattoria Ricardo, and went to see an improv comedy show at Second City.  

The game was fun.  I've now given up chili cheese hot dogs for good.  Dinner was amazing.  I learned to love Moscow mules at a Chicago bar.  The comedy show was funny but a wee bit lengthy for this old grandma.  When the show starts at 11pm, it's a bit over the top to have a 3 hour long show.  I was beyond exhausted.

Sunday, we rode out to Evanston to visit Mr. BMJ's Alma Mater, Northwestern.

When we got back to the city, we decided "when in Chicago...." and went to Giordano's for stuffed pizza.  Wow.  I forgot how filling that stuff is.  I couldn't even finish one piece.  

Monday was a shopping day.  In all of Chicago, I couldn't find a dress to wear to my friend, Holly's, wedding.  I blame it on the cold and wind.  We did, however have a lovely lunch at Fred's in Barney's (recommended by Chicago native blogger and friend Heather) and drinks at the top of the Hancock building to enjoy the spectacular views.  We traveled with one of Mr. BMJ's business partners and his wife so we had a fun girls' day.  Notice the Whispering Angel.  Kudos to Fred's for offering the best wine in the world!

I bought a super cute shirt at Madewell.  It looks awesome with white jeans or shorts.  I wore it on the plane home and was so comfy.  

I was so ready to get home to see my sweet Baby Girl on Tuesday.  We got off the plane and were hit with sweltering 90 degree humid air.  I love ya Chicago, but it's so good to be home!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I finally found an amazingly gorgeous dress for the wedding while Baby Girl was at school today, but it's about a foot too long.  I'm off to beg and plead the seamstress to hem it by Saturday morning.  Wish me luck!


  1. chicago is one of my favorite cities!! next time we need to coordinate our visits and then go drinking with heather!!

  2. yahh! im so glad you had fun in chicago! bummer about the weather tho! its FINALLY warm today and im praying it lasts!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Aww I've missed you! Loved the recap. That is that even real!? My friend just saw it and said "That's....a pie." Looks delicious though!

  4. Glad you're back! The cold weather there stinks...but looks like you guys crammed a lot of fun into a few days. And I already professed my love for Giordano's on IG. They will even FedEx you a pizza on dry ice for like $70 or something cray like that. I almost did it I wanted one so badly!!

  5. That hotel room looks amazing! A fireplace in any hotel room has me sold. May need to scoop up that Madewell tee-- love it!

  6. I need pizza NOW! Ha! Chicago is on my "bucket list!"
    Happy Mother's Day my love!


  7. Fun trip! Some good eatin' too! Your chili cheese dog looks identical to the Braves dog I had last weekend. So good but can not be an everyday occurrence. That hotel is gorgeous. Glad y'all had a great trip!

  8. Um, hello, amazing trip full of the best foods, vino, friends and fun. Sorry for the cold weather, but at least wine helps to keep ya warm. Northwestern's campus looks stunning!

  9. AND happy Mother's Day! :)

  10. Thank you my dear for the shout out!! I so wish you were here this weekend instead! We had 90 degree weather yesterday and today the high 70's. But that's the story of this city. Weather stinks!! Next time we are for sure meeting up!!!

  11. Looks like a fab time! Glad you got to have a getaway with Mr. BMJ!

  12. Chicago is my hometown and favorite city in this entire world and you did it proud!!!!

  13. I'm pretty sure 43 in May is spring in Chicago... I don't know how they handle the cold! All of that food looks so good!! I know want to go eat my way through Chicago. Glad you all had a nice getaway


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