Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wine, Kebabs, and Monsters, Oh My!

More often than not, as I'm thinking about the day ahead of me, I grow annoyed and frustrated with acute experience cooker's block (you know, like writer's block but with cooking dinner).  

This is often, very easily solved when I stumble on Skinny Taste's daily recipe in my favorite blogs feed.  She did it again on Tuesday!

Feast your eyes on my rendition of her Grilled Pesto Chicken and Tomato Kebabs:

They tasted and smelled even better than they looked.  I had the leftovers for lunch today.  They were fairly easy to make (the threading the stuff on the kebabs was a bit tedious) and a very healthy dinner option when paired with roasted cauliflower and chickpeas.  I suggest making the pesto with grated parmesan cheese so you get a nice crust on the chicken!

Make these ASAP!

Last week at Bin 152, I drank a glass of a yummy Italian white wine.  It tasted like true, smooth, light, easy drinking wine from Italy.  Sometimes Sonoma and Napa attempts to recreate it and miserably fails.  It was a blend of Italian Chardonnay (which tastes nothing like our Chardonnay) and something else I couldn't remember or pronounce.  

I was on a mission to find it in the grocery store so I could add it to our usual wine rotation.  I found its match!  It's a blend of Trebbiano and Italian Chardonnay.  It went perfectly with the kebabs and will go even better with Baby Girl's bath tonight!

Mr. BMJ and I had a date night to the movies last night.  We went to see "Godzilla" at Cinebarre.  I love to go to the movies and was actually excited about seeing it because of the cast.  It was amusing during some parts because of the ridiculous monster fights, sad in others, and my heart was racing the entire time.  I recommend seeing it, but this is no Oscar contender.

These are my thoughts:
  • Because one grotesque, larger than life monster isn't enough, this movie has 3.
  • It's actually a love story between two star-crossed monsters.
  • Monster #1 is a Japanese romeo with a mean nuclear addiction.  He can fly.  He's high on nuclear waste and looking for some baby mama loving.  Not a good combination.
  • Monster #2 is Godzilla.  No introduction needed though they didn't give any background on the dude.  He's the hero of the movie and you will be rooting for him.  Weird, huh?
  • Monster #3 is Monster #1s Nevada born and raised baby mama with a belly full of ugly radiation spawn.  
  • There's a love scene where the monster lovers share a romantic nuclear missile dinner like the Lady and the Tramp shared their delicious Italian spaghetti and meatballs.  I giggled and thought they should have played "Islands In The Stream" for their make-out music.  "From one lover to the other, ha ha."
  • Mr. White (from "Breaking Bad"), scientist extraordinaire, knows what's going on 15 years before the shizz hits the fan.  He is rocking hazmat suits as usual.  
  • Ford, the human hero of the movie, jumps from planes, falls from bridges, and narrowly escapes explosions without even a scratch on his pretty face.  
  • The monsters take out a city in Japan, Honolulu, and San Francisco.  Who wants to move to the Pacific coast? Not this monster fearing lady.
  • Godzilla and Ford save the world and I'm assuming Godzilla goes back to hide in the ocean until the next fleet of grotesque monsters try to destroy civilization.  Godzilla II is already in production....
  • Ford and Elle (the human couple) will appear again in a few months as siblings in a superhero movie.  If they don't become Hollywood's next Brangelina, I will lose faith in Hollywood love forever. 

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because my baby is growing up faster than I knew possible. I swear she grew half a foot during the school year. It was really 2 inches, but it feels like more than that! These are her first and last days of school.  Somebody get me a box of tissues.  I'm so sad that she's getting so big.  


  1. Looks and sounds delicious! You can never go wrong with a Skinny Taste recipe, all of her stuff is always SO good! I need to try and find that wine, I'm trying to find a white I really like, reds are my favorite.

  2. Don't cry! She is still so little and adorable. Don't worry she will grow up to be your best friend!

  3. a love story between monsters? omg...ha! you love your scary movies. and you're probably laughing that i called that a "scary" movie. ahhhhh baby girl looks so grown up and pretty! miss yall!

  4. Love Ivy! Your wine recs are the BEST!

  5. Those kabobs look delicious and Ivey's dress is adorable!!!!

    Happy Friday!


  6. Yes to pesto on grilled meat! Baby girl's face definitely looks more like a little girl in her last day shot. Enjoy every day - she's so stinking cute!

  7. I love the before and after photo of your cutie! She has grown! WAO!! and pinning that recipe for future use...I can see us making that all summer long!

  8. Going to make those kabobs! Also look for that wine. It sounds delish. :-)


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