Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chair Love with One King's Lane

I was asked by One Kings Lane to talk about chairs.  

They have an informative guide of how modern chairs have evolved over the decades. You can use it to identify the era and style of your chairs.  I like to mix my eras, what about you?

Lucky for me, chairs are some of my favorite pieces in our home so it's very easy for me to write about.

When we moved to our dream home a little over 4 years ago, we invested in a few dream chairs.

They all live in our family room so we get to enjoy them all the time.

The first is a pair of chocolate leather, armless, accent chairs.  I think of them as a modern take on the traditional leather wing-back chairs of days past.  I love the modern lines on these beauties and the double row of chrome nail heads are divine! The leather is worn which gives it my favorite look, "rustic chic."  They're architectural statement makers!

One Kings Lane has several gorgeous wing chair options that would make a statement in anyone's home....

I'm also madly in love with my patterned chaise lounger.  It's a great place for a cat nap, for reading a book, or looking stylish while sitting and drinking some BMJ.  It's comfortable and sexy and adds an interesting drama to the room.

Of course One Kings Lane has some lust worthy loungers that I would love to curl up on....

One Kings Lane offers so many beautiful pieces decor including furniture, rugs, bedding, art, mirrors, and more.  They have a very helpful Home Decor Resource Guide.  It's like your very own personal shopper!  

The website requires a quick and easy sign-up to get started on your decorating journey.  Here is an invitation to get you here for your One Kings Lane Invitation.

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because Baby Girl was visiting the little guy who lives next door before bedtime last night.  I was talking to his mom in the entry way and I heard what sounded like an elephant falling down the stairs and a loud, high-pitched scream.  I instantly knew it was her and I saw my life flash before my eyes.  She had fallen down their hardwood stairs, head first, of course.  It was traumatizing for both of us.  She's fine and just has a massive goose egg on her head and some bruising.  It's so scary when our babies get hurt.  I don't know how I would cope if something really bad happened to her.  


  1. Falling down the stairs is so terrifying. The same thing happened to Keira when she was little. So scary but it happens!! Hugs to you. :-)

  2. Love your lounger so much and leather those chairs look so amazing (make me think of Gaston's chair in Beauty and the Beast ha but LOVE). Hope BG is ok soon! So scary!

  3. Love those leather chairs, wow! Poor Baby Girl -- we need to wrap her & Joey in bubble wrap and put helmets on them. For realz.

  4. I love those beautiful leather wing back chairs of yours and those fab pillows you have on them!!! So pretty

  5. Those leather chairs are awesome!! And I'm so glad she's ok after her fall, how scary!

  6. So scary to hear about your little girl, but glad she’s ok. My heart would have dropped the moment I heard the scream. On a happy note, love your chair picks! Wing backs are my favorite.


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