Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reckless in Mexico

We are off to Mexico for an adult only, all-inclusive vacation!  

My #1 goal is to sleep in until 10am every morning.  

Ooooooh, dare to dream so big.  

We're leaving Baby Girl home with an army of childcare and the fullest pantry and fridge we've had in months.  I'm always so worried about my peeps being well-fed.  You would think I grew up in the depression era.  Nope.  It's just one of my quirks.

I'm going to strive to take as many pictures as possible.  Especially of the cute new sundresses I got for the occasion.  I'll be instagramming if my phone cooperates.

I would love to take you all with me, but sadly that's not in the current budget.  Maybe after I'm discovered because of my brief but amazing appearance on the new, "sultry", crime drama, Reckless, this Sunday night (CBS 9pm EST), we'll all fly somewhere amazing to celebrate my movie deal!  

Watch it and let me know if you see me.  I should be in the outdoor nighttime bar scene and the jet ski scene.  I'll have to catch it on DVR when we get home since I doubt it will be showing in paradise.

So until next week, adios amigos.  I'll drink a margarita (or two) for you!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I have about 2 days worth of crap to accomplish by the time we leave at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow.  I keep repeating "it's all going to be worth it." Why is traveling so complicated when you're a grown up?


  1. Yay!!! I hope you have the BEST time!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. It is all going to be worth it. Mexico is one of my fave places. Enjoy yourself!!!

  3. Woohoo gettin' cray in Mexico! Have a fabulous time!!

  4. Have a great time! I don't even have to tell you to I know you will! I'll be on the look out for you in Reckless!

  5. So jealous!! I hope you sleep in until 10am every day- sound glorious! Way to go tv star- will totally dvr it so I can see your cameo

  6. Have SO much fun! Will miss you on the Monday night happy hour meet up, but your happy hour will no doubt be better :)

  7. Have a blast!!! Can't wait to see you cameo in Reckless!! #overnightcelebrity :)

  8. Have so, so, so much fun!! You deserve this vacation and pampering so much! Sleeping in and the margaritas will be the best part of this trip. Enjoy!

  9. I can't WAIT To hear about your trip! We need one of those soo bad but I wanna get hammered so maybe next summer! ;) I hope the salt air is making you feel good! You certainly look amazing!

  10. I cannot wait to hear all the deets about your fabulous trip!!


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