Thursday, July 17, 2014

Game Set Match

Since I've been feeling a little better these days, I've decided to take up a new sport.

Go big or go home, right?

I've always wanted to know how to play tennis, but I've been too chicken take the first step.

I was a bit scarred from a bad experience I had in High School.

My very first (and last) lesson was in the summer between 11th and 12th grades.  I had never picked up a racket in my life so I'm sure I stunk but the fact that my instructor told me he thought I should "pick another sport" was so deflating and inappropriate that I quit and hated the sport from that day forward.

Until now....

It's such a social sport and a great way to get good aerobic exercise without being in a gym.  We have a lovely tennis complex at our new country club so I decided to get over my pride and give it another shot.

I'm still pretty bad at it.  My forehand is really rough, but I'm actually creating a little top spin with my backhand, so it's not a total lost cause.  

One of the biggest perks of tennis is the cute outfits you get to wear!  Whether you're sporty, fancy, or preppy, there's always a bit of style happening on the courts.  

I "invested" in a couple of basic pieces, but if I'm going to be a regular, I'm going to have to look the part.  These are some things I've had my eye on!

These are the shoes I bought since I was lectured about wearing running shoes on the court.  Oopsie.

I also need to find a decent looking wide brimmed tennis visor.  I bought a regular one and within one hour of playing in the full sun, I got a huge brown melasma spot covering the lower half of my face.  Needless to say I was devastated and am applying Retin-A like it's my job to get rid of it.  There aren't many wide brim choices for sports out there.  I did find this one though....

You wouldn't laugh at me, would you?

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice? Because I was going to write this post yesterday during my infusion, but it's too uncomfortable with the giant needle in my hand.  They gave me so many IV steroids that I couldn't sleep last night so I'm running on 2.5 hours of sleep.  Please excuse all rambling, typos, etc.  Have a lovely rest of your day and talk to you tomorrow!


  1. Tennis players intimidate me!! I'm so clumsy id like look a fool out there on the court. Good for you giving it a try. I say yes to the whole head visor! You already have a young face you gotta keep it that way!

  2. I am horrible at tennis because mainly of my lack of motivation when it comes to running. The clothes are definitely a perk!

  3. Perk plays tennis a lot. I always wanted to learn so we could do it together!

  4. Yeah for something new! Boo for only two hours sleep. Take a nap today friend!!!

  5. I started playing tennis because of the cute outfits, it's a great reason to start!

  6. I'll play with you anytime! I started playing at 5 and played all the way up to 18. I still play now and then and am wanting to play more. I need some cute clothes too!!

  7. I have also been dying to play tennis. We don't have many tennis courts around so it's not that easy. But I guess it's time to stop making excuses!
    Love the outfits!

  8. I've never had a tennis lesson and always wanted to play! I still wear the tennis skirts running errands and on the weekend. I love them! I have that black Nike one and it's very comfortable.

  9. Good for you!! I love tennis- I'm not that good but I'm hoping to take lessons (again) and start playing again next spring. I love the outfits- probably my favorite part :)

  10. I love tennis, I'll play with you anytime! Any sport that you can wear cute skirts while playing is for me! You're on you're own though if you wear that visor, I'll walk by like I don't even know you. Ps, love that leather dress you picked out from the Norstrom sale. That is to die for!


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