Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's From Target

Is it shameful that every time Baby Girl receives a compliment on her outfit, she says "Fanks, it's from Target."?

Truthfully, about 75% of what she wears does come from the wonder store we lovingly call "Tarjay".

She's so fickle and her obsessions change as quickly as the weather in Charleston.  

Right now, she will only wear dresses.  I'm a sucker and am giving into this jag because I'm also a fan of dresses and it's better than some of the other things she's insisted on wearing (like pajamas all day every day).  

This is where Target comes in.  They have affordable, cute dresses that I can stock up on and won't be devastated if she said she hated dresses tomorrow.  Or, like yesterday, when she comes home with her dress covered in paint from art class.  It's okay, it was $11.  

These are some of our recent favorite dresses....

Do you buy clothes from Target?  

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I've exercised over the past 3 days and am still functioning!  My medicine is working and I'm actually starting to feel like a normal person! It's the first time I've said that in a very long time! I'm hopeful, grateful, relieved, and happy. 


  1. Target does make super cute clothes for kids. Half Keira's dresses are from there, Old Navy, and H&M.

  2. I love Target clothes for the kids. They're cute and surprisingly, good quality! And yay for feeling normal again! Xo

  3. My daughter will only wear dresses and pjs now too. Shes four. But I really do love Targets selection of kids clothes, I can always find something I love for her and myself. They need to step their game up on the men's selection though!

  4. My kids live in Target clothes...especially Joey. Can't beat their $5 tops & bottoms and he's ROUGH on clothing. Between Target, Old Navy, Gap and Children's Place, where I wait for really great sales usually, they've got us covered. Way to go on the working out and feeling normal again! You just might inspire me to do the same, lol!!

  5. im totallllly going to shop for my kids clothes at target and old navy! why spend a ton when they will outgrow it! i love all the dresses you picked! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. Target has the cutest clothes for little girls! It makes me jealous- the little boy section is questionable most of the time

  7. Glad to hear you are feeling better!
    My daughter lived in Target clothes! They were cute and like you say, you didn't want to scream if they come home with paint or whatever all over it!

  8. Target clothes are frickin insane these days - SO good and I honestly feel like they stay right on trend. I just picked up the cutest pineapple swimsuit for my oldest and an adorable white and pom pom coverup. Target for the win!

  9. Target has such cute clothes! If she's getting compliments you must be doing something right! Glad you're feeling good. Let's meet up for drinks when I get back from the beach!

  10. Target has the CUTEST clothes! I know your daughter is the fashion-diva on the playground!

    So happy to hear you are feeling well! Maybe a Mexico-Vacay = healing power? You sure look AWESOME!


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