Monday, July 14, 2014

Let's Be French

Happy Monday and Happy Bastille Day friends!

We had a crazy busy weekend with tons of family in town.
Baby Girl loves to spend quality time with her cousin Layla.  
She told me in the car this morning that she was "just so exhausted."  Ha!

Is it just me or is everyone wishing they're strolling along the Champs Elysees today in honor of Bastille Day?

These are the ways that I'm celebrating one of my favorite cultures and countries:

1.  I ate a croissant for breakfast this morning.  If you're local, pick up the frozen, homemade croissants at Kudzu Bakery.  They're a little piece of French heaven.  Of course you have look like Audrey while eating them.

2.  GiGi is a great French name, no?  It just so happens that GiGi NewYork is having a Sample/Summer Sale and I scored this gorgeous gray cross body for half off!  

3.  You can't be a good French woman unless you drink Rose wine.  I found this lovely French Rose for $6.99 at Whole Foods this morning.  So nice of them to support the cause!

4.   Parlez vous Francais?  You may not, but these shirts do!  They're part of the Madewell sale and they're tres chic!

5.  Peruse the lovely curated French collection on One Kings Lane.  These are my must-haves!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because we've binge watched almost every good show out there on Netflix and Apple TV and now we've got nothing!  Any recommendations?  Summer TV is awful!!!


  1. I'll have the try that Rose! I'm obsessed with Rose right now. Love that first picture. Darling...

  2. I need some major buttery croissants in my life after today. Plus rose (or at least a French wine). Have y'all tried The Leftovers on HBO?

  3. I love to binge watch on netflix, a few suggestions:

    For Comedies this year I watched: Last Man Standing, Rules of Engagement, and New Girl. I'm currently in the middle of rewatching Greys Anatomy. But some others I have on my queue are Weeds, Hemlock Grove, House, Sons of Anarchy!

  4. We celebrate Bastille Day with champagne since it's our anniversary :)

  5. Our daughter just came home last week after spending her junior year of high school in France! She was so upset that she had to leave before Bastille Day!
    I want to try that Rose!

  6. Now I want a croissant!
    I will be driving my happy a** back to Costco next week and I WILL buy a bottle of Whispering Angel!

  7. taking note of that bakery! i love croissants! xo jillian - cornflake dreams 

  8. You will love that crossbody bag I have the blue and love it. Thanks for the heads up on the wine bought it today! xoxo

  9. Damages on Netflix is so addicting!!! We just finished the first season, crazy good!!!!!


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