Monday, August 4, 2014

Let's Do This

Happy Monday!  

I hope everyone had as a relaxing weekend as we did! 

I'm going to eat my words about the movie on Friday.  It was very funny and entertaining and I highly recommend seeing "Guardians of the Galaxy"!

Chris Pratt is awesome.  He's hilarious, hot, and humble.  I like him even more now that I know he's married to the lovable Anna Faris.  

There are so many A-Listers in the movie, including Bradley Cooper, Benicio Del Toro, Zoe Saldana, Glenn Close, John C. Reilly, and Vin Diesel. 


I've been excited to share with you an adventure that I'm preparing to embark on next week.  I've been slowly preparing my body for it over the past week.  I'm so ready to jump in full force and see what happens.  I would love for you to jump with me!

I'm starting the "Ultra Simple Diet" next Monday!

This is a 7 day cleanse/diet that was developed by Mark Hyman, MD.

I can't spell out all of the details due to copyright infringement laws, but I can point you to the resources you need to get started and tell you why I'm doing it.

I read his book "The Ultra Simple Diet" that gives the justification of doing this cleanse.  It is a 7 day process of eliminating all of the toxins from our bodies by changing our diet.  It's real food and you won't go hungry, I promise.  

I've honestly never done a "cleanse" before.  I don't think I could handle the all juice or all fruit cleanses.  I like my food too much and am unbearable when I go hungry.  I came across this one while researching autoimmune disease diets.  It really spoke to me for some reason so I'm trying it out.  

The moral of the story is that you cut out all of the potentially allergic, inflammatory, and poorly digested foods such as dairy, gluten, processed food, red meat, pork, nightshade vegetables, caffeine, and alcohol.

There are so many foods left that you can eat.  They're tasty too!  The no wine at night will be the most difficult for me!

I've been making the protein shakes for breakfast and following the rules at lunch.  I have pretty much given up dairy already (except for that pound and a half of cheese I ate last Thursday night).  I lost 4 pounds by half-arsing the diet already!

 The goal is more than weight loss, though I would welcome it with open arms and he claims it will be a 10 lb loss!  

The goal is to feel better!  The claims are that you will have better digestion and elimination; fewer symptoms of chronic illness; improved concentration, mental focus, and clarity; improved mood; less congestion and fewer allergic symptoms; less fluid retention; less joint pain; increased sense of peace and relaxation; better sleep; improved skin.

The patient testimonials are riveting.  People with years of chronic pain and inflammation feel so much better.  They claim it's truly life changing!  It's amazing that our diet can make us so very sick. You could technically stay on this diet forever if you needed to.  It would be hard but doable.  Especially if it was a life-changing improvement.  

You can do anything for 7 days.  Especially if it makes you feel and look better!

Dr. Hyman was nice enough to summarize the program and share a few of his recipes (there are more shake recipes in the book and in the companion guide).  Take a look and follow it if you don't want to buy the book (though the book is less than $5 on Kindle and very informative).

This companion guide is also available for free on Dr. Hyman's site.  It pretty much gives you everything you need to know!

So, are you with me?  We will do it from next Monday through Sunday.  Let's do this!  Friends don't let friends diet alone!

* I have no affiliation with this program or Dr. Hyman's book. I'm just trying it out on my own because it sounds doable and makes sense!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I have every morning FREE this week while Baby Girl is in mermaid camp.  I've very quickly booked myself up and am loving it!  She has fun, I have fun, it's a win-win situation!  Now I just need the weather to improve!!!


  1. oooh i love this!! let me look at my work schedule and see if i can do this. it would be fun to virtually diet together!

  2. Wow! I'm impressed. Can't wait to hear the results when you fully do the diet since you've already lost 4 lbs half-assing it!! I've never heard of this one before.

  3. good luck with your new plan! i cant wait to see how you like it! xo jillian

  4. I follow him on Facebook and he has some great teaching points all the time! Good luck and I think I will download it. How about a daily update and encouragement and inspiration for the rest of us!! Most importantly, I hope you feel better!!

  5. I would love to look more into this diet. I've trying to eat a lot more cleaner as well. When I first found out about nightshades I was so sad to hear which veggies they were and that they aren't very good for us. I love tomatoes and eggplant. The no wine part would suck a$$ but it's only for 7 days. Let us know how it goes!

  6. sounds like a good cleanse. I may just go check out the movie now - was a bit sceptical.
    YAY for mornings free

  7. I can't wait to hear how this goes! I love the idea of cleanses but just don't know if I could make it through....haha

  8. Excited to hear how you feel while trying this diet. I have been less than good to my body all summer. I need something to kick start me. Not sure how I would handle no dairy but haven't had red meat for many, many years. Good luck and enjoy your free mornings.

  9. Can't wait to hear how this goes. Dairy would be a hard one for me to give up.

    And wine...that too.....


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