Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pet Peeves of an Insomniac

I'm an Insomniac.

I've battled with this crap since college, which was a very long time ago!  

It's not every night and it leaves me alone for months, sometimes years. 

Except during this lupus flare that I've been in.  It's back with a vengeance.  It's visiting 3, sometimes 4, times a week and I'm averaging 3-4 hours a sleep a night.  That's just not acceptable when you require 8-9 hours to function normally.

When I'm running on little sleep and dreading the upcoming night of laying there and waiting for slumber for hours, my patience becomes ridiculously thin. 

These are the things that bug the you know what out of me during my days of insomnia:

1.  When my friends tell me they have no time to read my blog yet they somehow find the time to post on Facebook all day long.  Hmmmmm.  My blog takes about 30 seconds to read.  Something's just not adding up there.

2.  When the cashier at the grocery store asks me if I "found everything I was looking for" and just gives me a blank stare when I say "actually no, you were out of Rosemary."  If they're going to ask, they need to know how to reply if someone actually says no.  Sometimes I do it just to test them.

3.  When certain bloggers and jewelry companies follow me on Instagram and then unfollow me the next day.  I'm wise to your tricks because I have the "Followers +" App.  Totally uncool and I have no respect for that ridiculous nonsense.

4.  Facebook, in general.  Man sometimes I wish that whole social media platform would crash.  

5.  When I text a babysitter about a date and they wait 5 days to get back to me.  Ummmmm, I've moved on by then.

6.  When a complete stranger tells me to smile.  This happened to me the week I was diagnosed with lupus and it was all I could do not to be in tears while coping with everything.  You never know what someone is going through.  That is such an insensitive thing to say.  People need to mind their own beeswax!

7.  The fact that movie theaters are so cold they feel like you're in the North Pole.  I just don't understand the point of keeping it at 50 below.  I sit there and my nose runs like a faucet because I'm so stinking cold.  Here's an idea, keep it at a normal temperature and save money on electricity!

8.  When the stores don't put Fall clothes out before the tax free "back to school shopping" weekend.  That's just trickery. 

9.  When my phone dies as I'm taking the best shot for Instagram.  Happens all the time.  It's like the Instagram/iPhone gods are just laughing at me.  Not funny.

10.  When I get a $14 ticket in a metered space downtown.  It happens almost every time I park on King Street.  It's maddening and a crappy way to encourage shopping and tourism.  I was only 5 minutes late.  I mean come on!  They need to have 2 and 3 hour meters vs 1 hour meters.  Help a shopaholic out!

Well, that's all the venting I have for today.  Thanks for listening!  What are your pet peeves?  Do you suffer from insomnia?!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because Katie Couric was wearing my Carmen Marc Valvo sale dress on her show today!  We have the same taste in Carmen dresses! Remember, she wore my formal gown too!  We totally need to do lunch!


  1. I so agree about the smiling thing. I'd put "You're too pretty to cry," right along with it. I wish we could all go around looking happy go-lucky in public 24-7.

  2. Oh those $14 parking tickets! My husband got one a couple weeks ago downtown...ugh! Though at least it was him and not me! I'd never hear the end of it!

  3. I wish FB would die too. So over it. I ONLY have insomnia when I'm pregnant and so lately, I feel your pain! Do you take anything? Benadryl is my BFF. I just wish I felt perky in the mornings. You & Katie would totally be besties in real life!!

  4. Love these confessionals! I hate when people follow then unfollow right away too! Thanks for letting me know about that app! The smiling thing is just plain rude, I can't believe a stranger would even say that! And I hate FB too. I rarely use it. IG is my favorite!
    Hope you get some sleep tonight my friend! Xo

  5. Try natural calm. I bought it from Amazon. I have battled insomnia for years and this is the only thing I have found that works. And, #s 2,6, and 7 drive me crazy too.

  6. Had no idea about that Followers + app, but am downloading it now! Hate when people tell me to smile, too. I normally do smile a lot, but when I'm not feeling it, that should be your sign not to talk to me. :) Sorry you haven't been sleeping well. I hate that when I have the day off from work I can never sleep past 7am!

  7. So sorry about your insomnia. I can usually fall asleep quickly if I am in front of the TV, but once I go to bed, I wake up a million times during the night. When I am not smiling, it doesn't mean something is WRONG. When someone uses that terminology, I feel the need to start defending myself. Hate it!

  8. I feel for you! There is nothing worse than not being able to sleep!!! Hopefully tonight will be better.

  9. You make me! Boo on insomnia! I recently started having it since changing antidepress meds. I count the hours I am missing the whole time. Do you "talk" to yourself (in your mind) and repeat yourself over, and over, and over again!!

  10. Sorry for the L flare-up again!

  11. I think it may be time for you to try the Liquid Ambien recipe using essential oils. I have heard great things about it :)

  12. LOL!! Should have posted earlier since I was wide awake at 4am!! Love your Blog. All kidding aside, I think there is a shortage of rosemary, my Publix has been out of it lately!

  13. I have horrible insomnia too and have had it for years!! It's the worst! Hope you start feeling better soon and sleep gets better too

  14. And THIS is why I love you! Muah!!!! Did you see my last instagram? I, too, suffer from insomnia at times. We need to do lunch stat. Me, you and Colleen. Better yet, a night out! I was saying "Amen" after every one of your insomnia thoughts. Love ya! xoxo

  15. It drives me insane when companies will follow me for a day then unfollow. I don't get it?! It's not a smart way to get me to follow you stupid heads! I hate FB too. It's become a site for, no offense, but mom's to share every.single.thing they're up to or their kids are up to. I don't care!! When someone tells me to smile, and it's always a creepo, I want to slap them. It's so rude! Sorry about your insomnia. I know when I was working nights and would get 4-5 hours of sleep a day I was miserable. You can't function with that little of sleep!
    Life as I know it

  16. Boo to not enough sleep. I'm sure you've tried all of the natural supplements already? I always have time for some BMJ - and Katie Couric should too!

  17. not going to lie I love a good ole fashioned rant post ;-) I HATE when people tell me to smile. I have a RBF so leave me alone!! I need to check this followers + app thanks for the heads up!

  18. Are you in my head? Because I think so! Share all the same pet peeves! Except the babysitter one, I'm like the oldest living babysitter alive (in addition to a full time job) and I texted back pronto! 1. Girls want to make some money 2. THAT IS JUST RUDE NOT TO!!

  19. How did I miss this post? Oh yes - I have horrible insomnia. In fact I have to take Bendryl every night to fall asleep. That has to be horrible for me. Then I wake up at 3:00 when it has worn off. Sometimes I can go back to sleep and sometimes I can't. I try to exercise myself to exhaustion. That helps some!

    FB is so annoying. I agree!! I stopped following people who annoy me. :-)


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