Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Trendy Tot Tuesday

I'm so excited to be guest hosting the "Trendy Tot Tuesday" link-up!  Thanks for having me Megan (Table For Three) and Kelly (Modern Camelot)!

It's that time of year again!

Besides school starting, summer ending, praying for Fall to take away the suffocating heat, dreaming of Starbucks seasonal lattes, and exciting primetime premieres....

It's time to start talking about Halloween costumes!

Yes, I know it's only August and we have 2 months, but the good ones will get taken and your kids will be left with the costumes that nobody wanted and will pout while trick-or-treating.  

Nobody wants a pouter.

When I was a child, my mom and I started dreaming up and making my costume every August.  It was a wonderful tradition and we had a great time together.  We made some pretty elaborate creations! 

(Please try to contain your laughter.  Yes, that is a California Raisin.)

Being the amazing and crafty mom that I am (wink, wink), I make a huge deal about the Wishcraft Catalog arriving in the mail and tell everyone they have until September 1st to change their minds 1000 times until we place our order!

I know, it's a wonderful bonding moment.

These are this year's top contenders for Baby Girl (almost age 4), M (age 9) and P (age 11)....

If I had my way, they would be wearing these....

Halloween is my favorite holiday so I always beg for a family theme.  Sadly, it never comes to fruition.  How amazing is this one for our family of 5?  The girls would fight over who gets to be Dorothy so I'm not even going to propose it no matter how fun we would have.

Are you starting to think about Halloween costumes?  What is everyone going to be?  Don't you just love the Wishcraft Catalog?

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because speaking of Halloween, I volunteered to help with the school's Halloween carnival this year.  I hope it's not too big of a commitment and I hope we get to dress up!  If so, this is what I was thinking, though I would get one of those umbrella hats so I wouldn't have to hold it!


  1. You're going to laugh but I was a Calofornia Raisin one year too!! Stuffed garbage bag and sunglasses too! I was also a haunted house one year and won the neighborhood contest. Love the raining cats and dogs idea!!

  2. lol i LOVE the California raisin costume! too funny :) my mom used to make our costumes too -- my favorite was a 1950's poodle skirt girl... i think she still has that skirt! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Omg the raisin!! I think she'd be so cute as Dorothy!

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  5. Keira is going as Dorothy this year! And Henry wants to be a dinosaur and I found the BEST costume. :-)

  6. Love those ideas!!!!! Your mom was so crafty! I wish I was a crafty mom too but last year we just bought a minion costume and called it a day! This year it is 2 weeks before my due date and since my little guy came 3 weeks early I might be in bed! I kind of love a family that does a theme. Go for it!!!!

  7. Hahahah the raisin costume is hysterical! I’m the worst at brainstorming Halloween costumes.. I always wait until the last minute.


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