Tuesday, September 9, 2014

48 Hours in NYC

What a fun, exhausting, whirlwind 48 hours we had in NYC!

Here are the highlights....

1.  Food:

My favorite meal this visit was at Maialino.  It's a lovely Italian restaurant in the East Village owned by Danny Meyer.  The ambiance is quaint and cozy and is definitely not touristy.  We feasted on the fried artichokes, kale Caesar salad, rabbit pasta, and chocolate gelato with sour cherries.  Gah!  I want to go back!

 Second place goes to the Bergdorf Goodman cafe's (where I try to stop during every trip) mind blowing lobster mac and cheese.  We had to celebrate finding my amazing shoes with lunch and wine before the Sex and the City tour.   The chef spilled his secret of creating the cheese sauce with Gouda and lobster bisque.  Yes!  I will be using this recipe from now on!!!

Honorable Mention goes to Sons of Essex.  We had yummy comfort food including cheeseburger sliders and flatbread pizza.  The ambiance was hip and the Deejay was the best (he played all 90's hip hop).  We ventured across the street to Beauty and Essex for a drink and loved it.  It was super swanky and the people watching was amazing.  Both clubs are downtown speakeasies.  I highly recommend checking them out!

The person taking our picture totally cut off my new shoes.  What an idiot!

2.  Shopping:  

The feeling of awe, happiness, and excitement that I get while in Bergdorf Goodman never dies.  This place is the mecca of all shopping.  The window displays are works of art and the shoe department gives me goose bumps.  I found these amazing Miu Miu pumps and just had to have them.  They are showstoppers!  

{Parker NY dress - sold out, similar style here, here, and here}

 We also picked up a few affordable staples from Zara, including this top and dress.

3.  Sex and the City Tour:

This was definitely my favorite part of the trip.  We hardly ever do "touristy" things in NYC anymore so this was something totally new and different!  The tour took us all over the city and into places we never go.  The bus was nice and the tour guide played clips of the show highlighting each stop.  We got off the bus about 5 times and drove by about 40 other locations.  I would definitely recommend this tour if you love the show.  

About to embark though that's not our bus (thankfully).

Cute and spunky Georgina the tour guide.

Look at that dining room!  We have to eat here next time!  Buddakan is where Carrie and Big had their rehearsal dinner!

One of Samantha's special shopping places!  This is where Charlotte found her rabbit friend.

Just a cool car and an amazing photo op while shopping in West Village. 

Steve and Aidan's bar!

 4.  New York Fashion Week:  

So I'm sure you notice the lack of NYFW pictures.  There's a sad little story behind that.  

I invited my friend, Virginia, with the premise of going to fashion week.  Last fall and spring I received my invitation 2 weeks before the show which meant more expensive plane and hotel fares.  I decided to be proactive this year and book in advance.  

I counted my chickens before they hatched.  And I got burned.  I was so disappointed and embarrassed.  

I'm not a fashion blogger, or a famous blogger, or anyone of any importance.  I don't get invited to a bunch of NYFW shows.  I receive tickets from Carmen Marc Valvo because we took part in a charity auction and I was put on his "list."  This fall was his 25th Anniversary at Fashion Week and he had a million important people to invite.  I'm the lowest man on the totem pole so I got cut.  Plain and simple.  I thought we may get a last minute invitation due to cancellations but it didn't work out. 

C'est la vie.  

Maybe next time I'll get added back on the list, but I won't be jumping the gun ever again.  

As Heidi Klum says "One day you're in, the next day you're out!"

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I got home Saturday night and am just now feeling human again.  Ugh.  I'm too old for 48 hour trips of non-stop action!  


  1. It still looks like you had a great time whether you went to FW or not :) the food looks amazing and the Sex In The City tour sounds so fun!!

  2. NYC is still a fun trip FW or not!! The sex and city tour sounds so fun. My husband goes to Buddakan almost everytime he's the city for work. I begging him to take a last minute trip up there in October before the baby because I miss the city so much and haven't been in 2 years!! All that food looks amazing.

  3. successful trip none the less! I would LOVE to do a SATC tour sometime when I'm out there next. Still watch reruns on a daily basis and never tire of it. Love your new pumps too!

  4. You're making me want to go to NYC for a visit!!! That stinks about the NYFW. I see all these fashion bloggers (who are not "big time") at NYFW and I wonder how the heck they got invites? But I think they are going to small time "designers" who are showing? It puzzles me... Anyway - hopefully next year you will get invited again. Your post makes me realize I need a girls trip! :-)

  5. I’m headed to NY in Novemeber and just got so excited. Buddakan is amazing and you 100% have to eat there next time you’re in the city. Did you go to the bathroom at Beauty & Essex?? They serve free champagne in there!

  6. So jealous of your trip!! Even if you didn't go to fashion week. The Sex and The City tour looked awesome. Ahh it makes me want to go to NYC even more!! Take me with you next time, I'm dead serious!

  7. What a great recap! So sorry you didn't get to go to NYFW, although you seem to be taking it well. I would love to do that SATC tour, how fun! And those shoes are amazing! Don't even get me started on the food...oh the food!

  8. I love all this! Love love love your pumps and all your dresses. The Zara dress is great too!

  9. OMG you are so funny! Loved that Sex and city tour...what a great idea. I have eaten at Buddhakan....it was fine...not too fabulous. Love your shoes! But you had an amazing weekend anyway even if there was no Fashion show...they last 5 minutes anyway.

  10. those shoes!!!
    the SATC tour!!! How awesome!

  11. sounds like such a fun weekend! all the food looks ahhhmazing! im glad you had a good time :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  12. 48 hours in NYC sounds like a dream, with or without NYFW. All of the food alone looks worth it, and those shoes are bad ass to say the least!

  13. I need to do the SATC tour next time I go! And NYC is sooooo much fun regardless of NYFW. You're one stylish blogger as far as I'm concerned! xoxo
    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

  14. I wanted to do that tour so badly the last time we were there but it was absolutely freezing and we ran out of time! Booooooooo about fashion week! Next time hopefully!!

  15. Love, love your dress! Where did you get it? Looks like an awesome trip. Sometimes E plays SATC reruns around lunchtime, still love that show:-)

  16. Looks like you had yet another amazing NYC trip. Great food and shopping! Of course, you look great in your "city." Love and miss that show...need to catch some reruns.


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