Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sleep Is Not Overrated

I promised that I would share my new, all-natural sleep aid once I made sure it worked and didn't give any kooky side effects.

It's been about a month and all is improving in the land of Snoozeville.

I still have bad nights every now and then, but not every night like before.

I was having serious issues with falling asleep and would lie awake until 2 or 3 am every night.  Now, I'm asleep within 30 minutes or so.  

There have still been a few times that I have woken up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and couldn't get back to sleep, but they are rare and taking 2 of these little lozenges seems to nip that issue in the bud.  

I found them on-line but you may also want to look for the pretty orange bottle at Whole Foods or your local health/vitamin shop.  

They are made from Passion Flower Extract which naturally promotes relaxation and decreases the production of cortisol.   Cortisol is mean and evil in my opinion.  There doesn't appear to be anything poisonous in them and they're a tasty little sleep treat right before bed!

If you're a fellow insomniac, try them out and let me know what you think!  What do you have to lose...but sleep?!  

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because our house deal fizzled out.  We have another showing tomorrow morning.  That means I have to have the house in perfect condition by the time we leave at 8:15 for preschool.  I'm really over all of this nonsense.  I've been doing this for almost a year.  Our new house is still 18+ months away from being ready.  I think we may take a little breather and take our house off the market until spring. 


  1. Definitely want to try those! I have been taking unisom and while it works, I would like to use something a little more natural!
    Selling a house sucks! A few years ago we had ours on the market for 17 months with showings every week! Finally we said NO MORE and took it off the market and decided we would just stay put! Good luck!

  2. bummer about your house! try to stay positive tho, it'll work out in the end! xo jillian

  3. I do not have a problem falling asleep initially, but I wake up often during the night and have trouble going back to sleep. Will give these a try. Thanks for being our guinea pig.

  4. I had a the same problem falling asleep for about a year before I got pregnant with my third child. During pregnancy things improved so much I figured it was a hormone problem. I am now on birth control pills and don't have any trouble anymore...Also, the books the Effortless Sleep Method by Sasha Stephens and Quiet Your Mind and Get to Sleep helped a ton. Good luck-insomnia is THE WORST!

  5. Glad you shared this, I wake a lot around 2 or 4 am if I have a lot on my mind and cannot go back to sleep. I'm sorry about the's exhausting, I completely understand!

  6. I need to tell Matt about those pills he has a hard time sleeping he takes melatonin now but I bet these are better for you!!

  7. Yeah I'm so glad they have been working for you! I am definitely writing the name of those down....Mark tosses around like a crazy man and maybe I'll get him to try them!

  8. I had been waiting for this post! I'm definitely going to hunt them down. Sorry to hear about your house deal falling through. I thought we were the only ones on the roller coaster ride from real estate hell in trying to sell. How exhausting!!!


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