Monday, December 15, 2014

So Little Time

Only 10 days until Christmas!  

Are you ready?

I'm not!

We're leaving for Disney in a few days and that means I have to be completely ready for Christmas morning by the time we hit the road.  

It's the wrapping that I'm most worried about.  Ugh.  I haven't even started.  I love wrapping just about as much as I love folding clothes.  I swear I would pay someone big bucks to do both for me!

Maybe it's a good year to start a no wrapping tradition?

My sweet baby girl finally made it through a Santa visit without crying!  

The country club we belong to goes all out for holidays.  What child doesn't love a Christmas petting zoo?  We are so lucky to be members!

We took a trip downtown for Second Sunday.  Baby Girl and Mr. BMJ went to the college basketball game and I had a little time to myself on King Street.

I saw these beauties in person and would love to wrap them up (or maybe just leave them in the bag and save myself some trouble) and put them under the tree for myself!

I would wear this white puffer vest all the time.  I just know it.  Free shipping and receive a free necklace through today.

I've been lusting after this sweater coat for a while now.  It's so pretty and warm in person.  Anthropologie is giving 25% off of sweaters and free shipping right now. 

I was summoned and didn't have time to make my purchase.  I was ready to buy this wonderful product and I've been waiting to treat myself.  There is a lovely cosmetic store called CosBar in Charleston, but of course the amazing Sephora always carries it.  I love to use it as a concealer but it was designed to act as a highlighter.  It's the best!

I love the idea of this!  I don't know how the food tastes, but the product has great reviews so I want to give it a try!  French fries with no oil?  Yes please!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I'm stressing about what to pack for Disney.  Should I just pack layers, jeans, and tennis shoes?  I haven't been since I was a kid.  I know it's not a fashion show and I need to be comfortable, but I don't want to look silly.  Any advice from the Disney experts out there?


  1. ahh i love that chevron sweatercoat!! i say pack some comfy ballet flats for disney (but i havent been since i was ten!) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Are you coming to FL??!?!?! Definitely take comfortable clothing because soooooo much walking! I usually wear my tieks ballet flats and they are perfect. A sweater or light jacket at night because it has been "cold" here at night (50's). You are going to have a blast! Disney around the holidays is so beautiful!

  3. I would so not be worried about what to wear to matter what you wear you will be the chicest family there! TRust me. What is this air fryer.??? I had never heard of it but sounds sensational....I think I need it.

  4. Ok the air fryer is totally intriguing! Have so much fun at Disney! I agree with Albertina, you’ll be the best looking family there regardless!

  5. Your girls are beautiful Amy! Lots of walking in Disney so comfy tennis shoes and socks. Another thing that was a total life saver was this stuff called "Mole skin." You can get it at just about any drug store. It's an emergency blister cover up. Meaning when applied to a fresh blister, it turns it hard and relives that awkward, painful tenderness. Clothing wise your best bet is lots of cotton tops with zip ups or pull overs. Have a great time and Happy Holidays! (:


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