Thursday, February 19, 2015

Spring In My Step

It's freezing cold days like today that give me a serious bout of Spring Fever every year.  

Why is February so stinking cold?

It's "I don't even want to leave the house, not even to go shopping," cold.  

I'm ready to wear sandals and sundresses and pretty spring colors like pink and yellow. Not head to toe black wool coat, scarf, and boots.  

I forgot my gloves this morning.  Big mistake.  Big.  Huge.

Boden has me drooling like a teething toddler over their new spring line.  

These shoes.  I die.  I want every single color.  The polka dots make my heart skip a beat.  They would put a spring in anyone's step!

They even come in a lower heel if you're afraid of heights.  Jeez, they think of everything.

This shirt is seriously the cutest.  Look at the back.  So cute.  I would live in this thing with some cropped, distressed jeans.  It's first on my "must order now" list.

This is spring/summer uniform material.  I love the red.  And the blue.  Decisions, decisions.  

They're slaying me with their dresses.  

Before this week's big deep freeze, I managed to check out White House Black Market's spring selection.  Please excuse the bad, dressing room, selfie fest.  I was overcome with my passion for pink and had to share.  

They obviously share my love for blazers. The hot pink one is my fave.

<Sold out on-line already.  Boo!  They still have them in stores though!>

This outfit is now living in my closet.  I'm counting the seconds until I can wear it.  The jeans actually have pink stitching.  How could I pass them up? (*Make sure to order a size down in the jeans.  They're super stretchy!)

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because Baby Girl had to go to the ENT earlier this week because her ear infection still hasn't cleared.  Poor thing.  She's been such a trooper.  It's been 12 days with a raging ear infection and you would never know it. 


  1. Want those lower heeled pumps! And those jeans!! So cute. I love distressed jeans but I was laughing my butt off at some of the ugly ones at Nordstrom. They are literally shredded to bits and $265. Say what?

    And now I definitely need a pink blazer!

  2. I LOVE the hot pink jacket on you. Get it! It is so freaking cold. 26 here right now and that's warm for this week. EEK!

  3. I am a recent Boden convert. Such great pieces!!

  4. february is the worst month, it is so damn cold and I look so damn pale!! Your outfits today have me so excited for some warm weather

  5. Girl - you look skinny mini!!!

  6. What cute tops - love the nautical feel of the strips! Happy weekend :)

  7. You have the BEST taste! Freaking love your selfies! Off to look at Boden!

  8. I'm loving that sporty T! You look so cute, as usual!!


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