Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Dinner Game Changer

If you follow me on Instagram, then you've been subjected to my Plated pictures for months.  

I've been making delicious, gourmet Plated dinners since the end of October.  Forty different dishes, to be exact.  Wow!

I'm not exaggerating when I say that Plated has truly changed my life (in the kitchen, at least).  It's my dinner game changer!

This is how:

1.  No more schlepping to the grocery store at 4pm with a hungry Baby Girl (eating her way through the experience) with no idea what I feel like cooking or eating.  I HATE to go grocery shopping, by the way.

2.  No more recipe ruts.  They're so easy to get into....

3.  Money saved at the grocery store.  When you don't have to buy full bottles of random things that you rarely use, it cuts down on needless spending.  Also, most recipes are for 4 people.  I'm feeding 2.5 people, so the leftovers were so annoying and we had so much wasted food (since no one really ever ate the leftovers).  Each meal (2 "plates") is around $24.  You can't go out to eat or cook a nice dinner on that budget.  

4.  Each meal they send is portion controlled.  Baby Girl and I split a "plate" or one portion, so I've lost a ton of weight and kept it off!  I'm always full and satisfied.  

5.  I'm excited about cooking dinner during the week.  The shopping and menu planning is done for me.  I love to cook but hate all the other stuff.  It's such a perfect fit.  Each recipe is unique and challenging (but not too hard).  I've cooked things I've never even heard of before.  Out of the 40 dishes, we haven't loved maybe 2 or 3 of them.  I certainly can't get those stats when I'm doing my last minute attempts every night.  

6.  Plated sends the best quality ingredients.   They come from responsible providers and are locally sourced when possible.  They use antibiotic and hormone free meat and dairy, sustainable seafood, and fresh produce.  I feel good about what I'm feeding myself and my family.

Here's how it works:  

-You pick which day you want your box delivered.  I get mine on Saturdays so I can make the meals at the beginning of the week since we go out to eat more during the last part of the week and weekend.  

-You choose how many plates you want each week.  I receive 4 total plates (2 different meals for 2 people).  That's 2 plates/servings 2 nights a week.  

-You fill out the taste preferences to your liking.  You can cater your menus around allergies, taste aversions, and dietary restrictions.  

-I receive an e-mail on Mondays asking what I want to choose from the menu.  There are 7 different recipes to choose from each week.  I usually try to order 2 weeks in advance to make sure the good meals don't sell out! 

-If you need to skip a week or several weeks, you indicate it on the calendar and they won't send you anything.  You can cancel at any time.  

Interested in trying 2 plates for free?

Use this link!  

*This was not a sponsored post.  I just thought it was about time I give you the low down on this awesome service!

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p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because we took a 2 week breather from the real estate mayhem.  We go live on MLS again tomorrow.  Let the showings resume (insert frowning, crying, frustrated, over it face here).  


  1. Wow - this seriously looks like the coolest thing ever! I've always been a bit skeptical of places like this that deliver EVERYTHING to you, but why not give it a try, right? That pizza and the chicken look especially delicious!!

  2. Plated seems like an awesome subscription service! It's perfect for when I run out of ideas for dinner. Happy Thursday, Amy :)

  3. Everyone I know that uses Plated loves it! The recipes always look so good!

  4. What an amazing concept and they ship to me in FL!!!!! Thank you so much for the recommendation I cannot wait to try them out!


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