Thursday, March 26, 2015

In The Mail

Remember when we all confessed that we keep our on-line carts full at just about every store but rarely actually buy the items in this post?  

Well, I finally hit the "checkout" button and these things are in the mail on their way to me!

The 40% off of practically everything at Ann Taylor Loft was the motivation I needed to finish the deal.  Four pieces for $80?  Yes please.

I've been hearing about this waterproof, mineral powder sunscreen for a while now.  It will be perfect for carrying in my purse and reapplying throughout the day to protect my vampire-like pale complexion.  It will also be great for Baby Girl without the greasy mess of lotion sunscreens!  

This is my favorite concealer and I'm no longer ashamed to admit it.  I know it's supposed to be used as a highlighter and the sales ladies always scold me and talk me out of my purchase (pretty dumb move in my opinion, hello commission) every time.  Well, phewy to the rules, I ordered it and didn't have to explain myself to anyone.  This stuff is hydrating and light and works great as a concealer.  Take that make-up counter bullies!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because we are NYC bound in a few days for spring break with all the kiddos.  I'm excited, terrified, dreading it, can't wait to get there, don't want to pack, and can't believe I have to wear winter clothes again.  


  1. Have fun in the Big Apple!! We are still wearing our winter clothes here in Chicago too although I think it's even warmer here. :-) I love the Loft. I've found so many cute shorts there for a steal.

  2. i've got a great idea...take a train up to boston and hang out with me! :P

  3. Wow $80 for all that?! That's some serious deals for Loft! Hope you are happy with your new purchases. (:

  4. I love powder sunscreens especially ones with easy delivery like that. You have to let me know your thoughts on it. I mean honestly everything YSL makes is just pure perfection. That "highlighter" is definitely on my list for the next splurge purchase.

  5. Touche Éclat has been in my online cart many a time ... I need to click "buy" and just be done with it!


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