Monday, April 20, 2015

Puppy Talk

It's been way too long friends!

I never intended to take this long of a blogging break.  I was only going to take off the week of Spring Break....  

Then, we got a puppy.  Or, what I like to call "the end of my life as I once knew and loved it."  

I'm back from my 2 week "pupternity leave."

  I take the blame for the whole "great puppy debacle of 2015."  I was just trying to be a good mom and wanted to get Baby Girl a pet.  We have been pet free for almost 3 years and I think all kids should grow up with a pet.  She absolutely loves dogs and her whole face lights up when she gets to pet one.  She also begs me for a baby brother or sister all the time and while that's not going to happen, I can give her the next best thing...a dog.  Or, so I thought....

Puppies are harder than newborn babies.  If you've had both, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.  I grew up on a farm with tons of dogs but I never had to housebreak one.  I was a kid and they were indoor/outdoor pets and I just had no stinking clue what I was getting myself into.    

Uno, our 9 week old Havanese puppy, on the day we brought him home.

This sweet little fur bundle of joy has stolen my freedom, my sanity, and my cleanliness.  He's a 5 pound snuggling, chewing, peeing, pooping machine.  Sometimes he sleeps too.  His tiny little bladder lasts for 30 minutes max.  We're living outside in the heat, humidity, and rain.  (My hair is rebelling.)  He immediately became attached to me and never leaves my side.  He completely freaks out when I leave him in his crate and has major separation anxiety.  It's getting better, but for the first week and a half, he freaked out and peed and pooped all over his crate every time he had to go in it.  Mr. BMJ and I had a few "we may have to find him another home" discussions.  

 Mornings are the craziest.  No more sleeping in for me.  We have to get up and let him out before he starts barking which is by 6:30 at the latest.  Then, I have to sit on the floor and play with him to help get his energy out.  I have about 5 minutes to get myself ready in the mornings, so if you see me in public, don't judge!

I embarrassingly had a nervous breakdown in a store last week.  I ran into two school mamas that I know and proceeded to cry so hard while I was telling them about the puppy that I had to leave.  Ugh.  I'm calling it postpartum depression. 

Baby Girl is starving for attention.  It has totally backfired and has done the opposite of what I was intending.  I have to give the puppy the majority of my attention and energy and he's too young to be a good companion for her.  So basically now, she's more alone than ever.  Perfect.  Just perfect. 

I'm so stinking tired from getting up at the crack of dawn, not napping (because he'll scream in the crate the whole time), and chasing him around all day long.  I fall asleep every night on the couch during our important TV shows just like I did when I was pregnant.  I'm quite the party animal.

I know it will get better with time.  He is really cute and sweet and is catching on to potty training.  I'm sure I'll look back on this one day and wish I would have enjoyed his puppyhood more.  

He's at my feet, quietly chewing on a toy so I'm going to enjoy this quiet moment and make myself a hot tea (and do some stress snacking).  Talk soon!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because another offer on our house fell through the weekend we got the puppy.  At this point, I'm not sure if we'll ever sell.


  1. This made me laugh because we're going through the same thing! We bought our puppy a den which helps a lot - her crate and pee-pee pad are in it and she has some room to play which is great because she's contained. We're both paper training her and training her to go outside. The pet store also suggested that we buy this stuffed puppy they have that has a heartbeat (battery operated so it turns on and off) and a heating element. We used it the first few nights and it really helped her transition and feel like she was with another dog. If you want the name of it, let me know.
    They are so much like babies and so time consuming and take getting used to for sure lol.

  2. When we got Casey last November I had my break down moments too. It was so hard to potty train him during that polar vortex winter that he seriously wasn't trained until the following summer!! Finally he is a member of the family who causes no extra stress and the kids just adore him. Give it time. This too shall pass and you will be so happy you got him. He's adorable!! Little Uno. :-)

  3. When I read on your blog you were getting a puppy, I'll be honest and thought to myself - she has NO IDEA. I was going to comment, but it's one of those things in life you need to learn for yourself. It's way harder than a baby I don't care what anyone says! We lived through it two years ago and its a good 6 months before you see the rainbow. Hang tough they are soo worth it, but sometimes its better to get a little older dog, maybe 6 months that comes trained. I've learned my lesson and will follow my own advice next time. Uno will be a great companion for baby girl....just give it time! Good Luck. Uno is adorable :)

  4. Hi, I don't know if I have ever commented before. I live in the same town as you and reading this is like you read my mind! We have a 12 week old puppy and I am not enjoying it at all. My husband is the dog lover and I am NOT a morning person but that is when she is hyper and barks a ton. The two things I have done that have helped (and please share any tricks you have learned too), I bought a circle fence about 5 ft in diameter from is scratching my hardwood floors a bit but it is helped so much with having a place to put her that isn't in the crate where I can get meals ready and myself and the kids without worrying about the dog and the other is that we got a second crate and put it in the garage so when my husband gets up he takes the dog out and then puts it in the garage crate so if/when she barks it doesn't wake the kids and me....he wakes at 4:30 and she was barking and whining from 4:30 - 6:30 when the kids get up and mommy was NOT going to live with that. :) the vet told me to put her in the crate more often than I was, I was feeling guilty that since I am home all day that the dog should be out too but she said to use the crate more as a lot of dogs have to be in it all day until people get home from work.

    1. I left a comment further down but try a ticking clock!! It worked for our puppy :)

  5. oh maaaan this sounds rough! im sorry. but the pup sure is cute. hopefully it gets better soon! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. Have you gotten a ticking clock for him?! I crate trained my puppy and she kept barking and whining during the mom picked up one for me at K-Mart for $10 or so... It totally worked. No more barking during the night!

  7. Oh it's so funny how a puppy suddenly reminds us how hard babies are. Whether they are human or not, babies are very needy. Little Uno is adorable, and I'm sure once this works out you will be smitten. Growing up we would give our puppy a blanket we'd slept with so it smelled like us. And one of our stuffed animals. Hope that helps. Good luck girl! (:

  8. Right there with ya. We've got a 14 week rescue pup who can NOT get the hang of potty training. She goes outside when we take her, but she also just squats wherever she is and pees in the house. SO. FRUSTRATING.

    For the crate, try giving Uno a treat every single time you put him in it, and hide treats in there for him to find. Also, get a crate cover ASAP. We have one similar to this:

    It's helped so so much. Without it, Scout would bark and bark and cry forever. Once we got the cover, she whines for 2-3 minutes once it's closed but then settles down to sleep.

    Also, to help stop the nipping, put hand sanitizer on your hands and Uno will not like the smell/taste and will stop nipping hands and fingers. I may or may not have liberally spread it all up and down my kiddos' arms (and on their ears) because Scout just wouldn't leave them alone.

    Hopefully some of that helps. It's got to get better, right? RIGHT!? We start puppy classes next week and I'm hoping they will help with her manners. Don't know what I'm going to do to help with the potty training. Bleh.

  9. Oh no! I feel your pain. Our puppy has eaten holes in three area rugs and has defecated and barfed so many times on the huge one in the living room that it looks like a frat house. We'll have to get these two derelicts together soon!

  10. I was CRAZY when I got my puppy Bailey...goodness knows why I thought getting a puppy as a college student was a great idea. I had 5 million meltdowns and panic attacks. I was a totally neurotic puppy-mother, in fact, I questioned many times how I could ever be a mother to a human, because you know you can't put them in a crate! The house-breaking is the hardest period, and little dogs are harder than big dogs (from what I've read) but just like potty-training, it will happen and you won't have that problem! I took Bailey to obedience school the minute she was eligible, I went to Petsmart off of Long Branch Road, I really loved the instructor and it also served as a "venting / therapy" session where we all shared our recent problems! I used diluted lemon juice when Bailey barked too much, but she was bigger. You WILL get through this and your baby girl will love to play with her puppy!!!!


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