Friday, May 1, 2015

Eight Great Things

What a week!


I swear that life gets crazier with each passing year.  

Is that true for everyone, or is it just me?

Let's catch up!

1.  We have a contract on our house!  We had 6 showings in 4 days and sold it last weekend.  Fingers, toes, eyeballs, and eyelashes crossed that it all works out and we close the first week of June.  The best part is that we are going to rent back from them during the summer.  That means time to purge, pack, and find a decent rental.  We were on the market for 18 brutally long months.  

2.  The furface, aka Uno, is doing better.  He is pretty much potty trained and uses the bell system on the door.  We have this one.

We discovered that he was using our beautiful dining room rug as his own personal pooping space.  I found several presents on Sunday under the table.  They must have helped sell the house!  The room is now blocked by a gate and we're back in business.  As in, doing his business in the backyard.  Ah, the joys of puppy ownership.  

When he does have a random accident, this stuff is a lifesaver!

We ended up getting him a "puppy apartment."  I think it's a more humane way to crate train.  It has a sleeping area and potty area separated by a passageway.  He doesn't have to hold it for hours and is still getting the benefits of crate training.  It has solved most of our crate issues.  Well, besides the fact that he still loses his mind when I leave him in the mornings.  

3.  I found the perfect nude lipstick at Ulta this week.  It doesn't wash me out like the other nudes I've tried.  It feels so rich and moisturizing.  I love it.  It would work great as a gloss too!  It's perfect for every day use.

4.  Tata Harper's product line has been on my wish list for quite some time now.  I still use my aloe vera + coconut oil regimen at night, but I've been wondering how Tata's natural products stack up for daytime use.  I found this awesome starter skin care system.  You can try all of the products out to see if you love them without breaking the bank.  I've been using them for 3 days and absolutely love them.  I use the wash and mask at night and the rest during the day.   Do you use her products?  What are your thoughts? 

5.  My friend, Lauren, introduced me to the Bitmoji app.  You create your own avatar and upload it to your emoji keyboard.  Then you have a plethora of emojis to choose from and your life will be a little more complete.  Just trust me.  It's so much fun.

I could go on, and on, and on....

6.  Schedule a girls' night and go see "Age of Adaline" ASAP!   It is such a good movie and definitely exceeded my expectations.  Blake Lively is beyond gorgeous and Harrison Ford reminds me of my dad.  Strange but true.  I sipped on Rose wine, ate chips and queso, and cried into my napkin at Cinebarre.  Perfection.  

7.  If you're a chemically enhanced blondie, you have to get this shampoo!!!!  They recommend you use it once a week, but I use it every other day since I have the oiliest hair known to man.  It enhances your highlights and eliminates the brassiness.  MUST HAVE!

8.  Totally....

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because Baby Girl is completely obsessed with super heroes.  It's all she talks about and all she wants to watch and play.  It could be worse, but I just can't relate.  On any level.  I will admit that I laugh at most of the "Teen Titans, Go!" episodes.  "Young Justice" makes me want to puke.  


  1. OMG this post made my Friday! Congrats on the house contract--whew!! And now 'm addicted to Bitmoji so thanks for that lol! Since I trust u implicitly I now have to try the skincare and shampoo as well. Happy Weekend Friend!!

  2. yah! congrats on selling your house! i hope everything goes smoothly! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. I am a chemically enhanced blonde so definitely writing that down and #6.....cracking up over here....I'll drink some wine and cry into a napkin as long as there are chips and queso involved!

  4. Wait, Uno is almost completely potty trained!?!?! TELL ME HOW!! Please. I beg of you. Hold my hand, and tell me what to do. Pretty please? I'll send wine and chocolate and everything!


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