Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Way Too Long

Hi, it's me.  Wow, it's been way too long.

Every day I promise myself I'm going to write a post and then something crazy happens, and then I realize how much I have to say because it's been forever so I do something else (like load the dishwasher or play Fashion Plates for the millionth time) and another day goes by.

My lack of posts mean that life is busy, crazy, and good.  There is no idle time any more.  

Baby Girl has officially stopped napping and by the time I can actually have some peace and quiet at night, I just want to watch TV and relax.

That doesn't mean I don't miss my blog friends terribly and get mopey because I feel totally out of the blog loop.  I'm here in spirit...always!

So, here is a recap of what has happened over the past month.  Bear with me, this is bound to get wordy.

1.  We sold our house!!!  After 18 long, miserable months on the market, it's no longer my home.  And it is so bittersweet.  I get choked up every time I think about leaving.  It really is a dream home.  We are renting back through the summer (I'm renting my own home, it feels so weird) and moving to a rental on Daniel Island in August.  Here is a Home Tour if you want to feel my pain.

2.  The Architecture Review Board is my worst nightmare right now.  They keep rejecting the plans for our new house.  I went in this morning for an emergency face-to-face meeting (which they never do) to see if we can make them happy.  Ugh.  We were supposed to break ground in June.  This is not going according to plan and I get craaaaaaaaaazzzzzyyyyyyy when that happens.  

3.  I spent hours and hours and hours on the internet looking for rental homes.  OMG it is slim pickings around here.  I saw so many really dirty, run down houses that cost an arm and a leg to rent.  It's highway robbery I tell ya.  We found something decent and I'm going to paint a room (because I can't deal with a clashing dining room for 13 months) and I keep telling myself that it's only temporary!  We are selling massive amounts of stuff (because we are going to a little over half the square footage of our current home) and it feels so good!  I love a good sale and purge!

4.  I've been dealing with hip bursitis for a few months now.  It got really bad and I broke down and went to see an Orthopedist.  I went to Physical Therapy for a month and started taking Celebrex (better than crack).  It got a little better but was still very bothersome.  I went back to the doctor and he gave me a hip injection with the biggest needle I've ever laid eyes on.  I, of course, had a rare reaction to the steroids and couldn't walk for 3 days.  I'm a medical mystery and should just learn to expect the worst.  I'm happy to report that my hip doesn't give me any trouble except for ballet class.  I can deal with that.  Until the shot wears off....

5.   Uno Mars, the biggest Havanese puppy that ever lived, is doing good.  He's doing great with potty training (except for the poop I just found upstairs on the floor puzzle) and growing by leaps and bounds.  He's 12+ pounds and only 5 months old.  I really wish he would stop growing!  This size is perfect.  He's still my leach and follows me around everywhere.  He still cries and barks when we leave him in his playpen/crate.  He's such a lover and is starting to be a better playmate for Baby Girl.  

6.   We're headed to Magic Mike XXL tonight.  It's pure trash and I'm neither embarrassed nor ashamed.  It's a good excuse for a girls' night at Cinebarre.  I'm sure we will laugh our booties off which will burn all the calories I plan on consuming!  Baby Girl asked me what movie I'm going to see.  After I said "Magic Mike", she said "Oh I like magic too so you should probably take me!"  Bless her sweet heart.

7.  My summer goals for Baby Girl are to learn how to swim and learn how to read.  I'm so proud to say that she is swimming (finally)!  We've had 3 summers full of lessons and tears.  And then it just happened.  I take no credit other than for getting her to and from the lessons.  This was all her daddy. Bravo Mr. BMJ!  

She's also reading!  I know.  I hate to be that mom and I'm not trying to throw it in anyone's face.  I swear it's these two different resources that I got her.  They are miracle workers.

First, go through this workbook.

Next, teach them to sound out the simple words in these first reader books.

Voila!  They're reading.

8.  I feel like a horrible mom saying this, but I'm ready for summer to be over.  I love the schedule of the school year.  I need routine and activities.  It's so stinking hot here in the afternoons that we feel trapped inside.  That gets old after about 20 minutes.  I'm the worst at pretend play and that's all Baby Girl wants to do.  I'm okay with structured play but there are only so many Fashion Plates that this mom can make in a day.  Don't judge.  I'm just speaking the truth.  

9.  There has been so much going on in the news lately and so much of it centers around my city and state.  It sounds corny, but I just wish we could all get along and be kind to each other.  We all believe different things but that doesn't mean we have to hurt one another.  It makes me so sad and worried for Baby Girl's generation.  What will this world become?

10.  I've scored some amazing deals this summer from White House Black Market and Athleta.  Take a look.  Sales make me smile!  These were my faves.

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I finally blogged!  Yay!  I'm so proud!


  1. Welcome back! Congrats on the house selling! Yay! Way to go baby girl! You look awesome in that white dress. I hear you about schedules too. Have a happy 4th!

  2. Your house is AMAZING! I'd be moping too, actually probably sobbing - what a gorgeous home! Your puppy sounds like mine, she's HUGE my vet thought she was a puppy golden-doodle haha. She's about 12 pounds now too. So glad you're back, I keep checking your blog to see if I've missed a post! Love you in that white dress, you look great! xoxo

  3. You look gorgeous. Whatever you're doing keep doing it!!!!

    I'm ordering that dress from Athleta! Also, renting a house has to be such a pain. We are so lucky to rent from my sister in law. I have friends who have the same problem finding a decent house in Chicago. My friend said you can't find a rat hole for $3500 a month! Crazy. :-)

  4. Dang! You have had a super busy time around your household. I don't blame the lack of posts or Baby Mama Juice consumption. Which c'mon, we totally know there was a lot of that. I know under all that dress I'd need a glass or five. Keep your head high and heart full. Everything will work out! (:

  5. Yeah for this checking back in post! Congratulations on your house!!! That kitchen though!........I'm with you, I'm not the best on creative play. My sisters kids I'm like.....Auntie Amanda likes structure and not a lot of messes, I'm so boring. That tshirt dress is fantastic, plus the name of it, cracked me up!


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